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Farmers are using nanobubble technology to improve water quality, increase crop yields, reduce inputs like fertilizers and chemicals, enhance soil health, and increase water use efficiency. Our blogs cover topics like soil health, irrigation water, biofilm and disease reduction and more.

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Greenhouse vegetable, leafy green, fruit and ornamental growers are seeking sustainable and chemical-free ways to improve their crop yields. Nanobubble technology helps growers improve irrigation water quality in tanks and reservoirs to support healthy crops and improve yields. Learn how you can reduce biofilm and disease pressure while improve crop health with nanobubble technology by reading our blogs.

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Want to dive deeper into the science of nanobubbles? These blogs cover a variety of topics in nanobubble technology, sharing peer-reviewed research and tools for measuring nanobubbles.

  • How to Measure, View and Study Nano-Sized Bubbles

    What are Nanobubbles? Most scientists categorize nanobubbles as bubbles that are around 100 nanometers in diameter, and Moleaer considers bubbles less than 200...

  • Unlocking the Power and Wonder of Nanobubbles

    With a 10-person Research and Development (R&D) team focused on advancing nanobubble science, Moleaer aspires to more than sales. Just twenty years ago,...

  • ChatGPT | What AI has to say about nanobubbles

    There's a lot of buzz around ChatGPT and AI in general lately, so we thought we'd see what AI had to say about nanobubbles and nanobubble technology. Below are...

  • A Critical Need For Safe Water

    Research recap: the potential of nanobubble technology to improve water treatment Here are some hard facts: The current world population of 7.6 billion is...

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Moleaer's clean-air chemistry helps improve wastewater treatment performance and reduce costs in both industrial and municipal wastewater treatment. Read our blog to discover the unique power of Moleaer's nanobubble technology and see how you can unlock the benefits in your plant.

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Nanobubble technology is a restorative tool for lake managers and owners to improve water quality and target the root cause of common problems like muck, algae, excessive nutrients and more. Moleaer’s technology can also scale to large water remediation projects to help reduce algae, improve water quality and eliminate H2S formation. Read our latest blogs to learn more.

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