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The Moleaer Mission

Increasing productivity, sustainably
with nanobubble technology

Global temperatures are rising, leading to the depletion of oxygen levels in water and a deterioration of water quality. The world’s health and industrial productivity is adversely affected by poor water quality. Industries require sustainable solutions that enable increases in output without jeopardizing our environment. New technology solutions are paramount to provide an expanding population with food, water and commodities necessary to support this growth.

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About Moleaer

Moleaer™ develops industrial-scale nanobubble technology that delivers extraordinary improvements in chemical-free water treatment, sustainable food production, and the recovery of natural resources.

Our impact:

  • Help grow more food almost anywhere while reducing energy costs, eliminating disease and saving water
  • Make aquaculture more sustainable and reduce its environmental impact
  • Restore the health of entire aquatic ecosystems without the use of chemicals
  • Improve drinking water quality without chemicals
  • Reduce effects of contaminated runoff into freshwater bodies and the ocean
Meet the Team

History of Moleaer

“Before, cleaning the filters needed to be completed every four weeks, however, after installing the nanobubble generator that frequency has gone down quite a bit. Washing the sand filter of the fertilizer unit now needs to be done a lot less often as well. The day tank with irrigation water remained clear, almost without any trace of organic contamination. Upon visual inspection during cultivation, the part of the trays treated with Moleaer nanobubbles had a lot more young, thin roots at the bottom of the substrate.”

Michiel Penninx

Lead Grower, Aardbeienkwekerij Penninx

"This product will revolutionize the way the public sector and homeowner’s associations address water quality in stormwater retention ponds. In less than a month of using the Kingfisher nanobubble equipment, the pond was free of algae and the water was crystal clear. I have managed cities for over 45 years and this product is absolutely amazing."

Joe Yarbrough

Former City Manager & Lake Resident

“The results from the nanobubbles were much faster than I would have expected. As a chemical engineer who specifies equipment as part of my job, I am also impressed with the quality of the design and build of the generator. I am happy with my local technical representative, with Moleaer as a company and with my results. The trout are healthier and the water quality is fantastic. I’m thrilled with all of it. The investment was worth every penny.”

Gregory Eirschele

Lake Owner

“Moleaer is playing an integral part in helping us to meet compliance standards by reducing water usage, and improving biological oxygen demand (BOD) and total supsended solids (TSS) discharge levels."

Craig Anderson

Project Manager, Gilbert Orchards

"We’re planning to increase production by over 20 million pounds of cheese and whey products over the next 3 years since installing Moleaer equipment in our wastewater process. That includes avoiding $10 million in CAPEX improvements we would have needed to make. We recommend Moleaer’s system for other cheese manufacturers looking to increase their wastewater treatment capacity and production at the same time."

Larry Harris

Master Cheesemaker & Operations Manager, Meister Cheese Company

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Meet the people behind the mission.

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