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Supercharge your disinfecting power and minimize food safety risk with nanobubble technology

Nanobubbles improve water quality, combat pathogens and reduce Food Safety risks without chemicals

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Food Safety & Postharvest Processing Improvements with Nanobubble Technology

Curtail food safety risk with the oxidizing power of nanobubble technology for postharvest food processing

Reduce Bacteria & Pathogens Slow pathogen growth and achieve higher quality post-harvest food processing water with nanobubbles that combat pathogens and bad bacteria. Moleaer’s resource-efficient nanobubbles scour biofilm from post-harvest equipment, making disinfection easier and reducing cross-contamination.
Enhance Water Clarity Nanobubbles also have a profound impact on water clarity by removing suspended solids and scouring attached biofilm with unparalleled efficiency. Enhanced water clarity enables food processors to extend the life of their processing water and achieve visible improvements in water quality.
Increase Water Quality Enriching processing water with nanobubbles efficiently increases dissolved oxygen concentrations throughout the water column, increasing the oxidation-reduction potential or ORP. Increased ORP improves a water body’s ability to cleanse itself or break down contaminants and organic materials like sediment.

Generating Proven Results in Food and Beverage

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chemicals to improve post-harvest processing with nanobubble technology
Nanobubbles fill in surface cracks and grooves for better surface coverage than larger bubbles

Leverage nanobubbles to reduce food safety risk

Arm your post-harvest food processes against contaminants and eliminate residue on your food product with nanobubble technology. The solution, backed by decades of engineering and research from Virginia Tech University, reveals that nanobubble technology improves water quality and reduces harmful pathogens and bacteria, with minimal or no use of harsh chemicals.  Moleaer’s nanobubbles combat and reduce potential contaminants, equipping post-harvest processing facilities with an extra layer of food safety protection. 

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Apples in Flume Nanobubble enriched water

Optimize water use and reuse in food processing

Moleaer’s nanobubble technology not only minimizes spoilage, but it also improves water quality, allowing for water reuse. Nanobubble technology is a safer alternative to conventional chemical solutions that leave residuals in food processing water and product surfaces. Nanobubbles leave no residuals. Better processing water leads to resource-efficient irrigation with minimal to no reliance on chemicals or costly UV light. 

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Maintain a high performance Clean-In-Place system through nanobubble technology by reducing biofilm growth through nanobubble oxidation. This proven technology empowers food processors to maintain clean, clear and safe post-harvest processes with minimal reliance on chemicals or time-consuming maintenance. Nanobubbles improve resource efficiency by optimizing water and antimicrobial use, and time-savings. 

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Learn how nanobubbles can help your operations

Speak to one of our experts to learn how food processors are using nanobubbles to reduce product waste, improve water quality and combat contaminants without relying on costly, chemical solutions or energy-intensive UV light.

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