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Learn how you can improve crop yields with nanobubbles
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Nanobubbles are an innovative and sustainable irrigation technology fueling healthier plant growth through unparalleled oxygenation, pathogen control, and improved root development.

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Horticulture & Greenhouses
Agriculture & Orchards
Irrigation Reservoir Treatment

Horticulture & Greenhouses

Learn how nanobubbles help greenhouse growers increase dissolved oxygen levels, control pathogens and biofilm, and boost plant vigor.

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Agriculture & Orchards

Nanobubbles improve soil structure and function, allowing specialty crop growers to get more out of their irrigation systems.

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Irrigation Reservoir Treatment

Reduce chemical applications and cleaning to treat issues like algae, biofilm, and root pathogens with reservoir nanobubble treatment.

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Generating Proven Results in Agriculture

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farms using Moleaer generators around the globe
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Optimize Plant Health with Nanobubbles

Plants need water to live — but they need good-quality water to thrive. Moleaer’s irrigation and greenhouse technology injects oxygen nanobubbles into irrigation water and delivers market-leading efficiency in oxygen transfer: more oxygen near the root zone increases nutrient absorption and plant resistance to environmental stress. An oxygen-enriched root zone improves root mass, increases uptake of key nutrients like calcium and potassium, and helps suppress pathogenic growth. Reduce biofilm, source water algae, and pathogens like Pythium and Phytophthora to optimize plant health and growth.

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Plug Our Nanobubble Generators into Your Irrigation System

Moleaer’s patented nanobubble generators were designed and built using our engineering team’s extensive experience with agricultural applications. They’re easy to integrate, install, and maintain — without overhauling your irrigation system. Leverage user interfaces and monitoring to ensure your system is performing at its peak.

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Products for Efficient Irrigation

We offer a broad range of products for any size and type of project.

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Lotus Kingfisher Clear Neo Nexus Titan
Application Water Tank Recirculation Reservoir Reservoir Reservoir, Water Tank Recirculation Reservoir, Inline Irrigation Reservoir, Inline Irrigation
Flow Rate, GPM (m3/hr) 10 40 50 - 150 (11 - 34) 40 - 275 (9.1 - 62.5) 200 - 1000 (45 - 227) 500 - 5000 (114 - 1136)
Total Energy Consumption, kW 1.12 1 - 3.2 1 - 3.2 1.1 - 4 NA Based on Customer Specifications
Gas Flow, SCFH 2 NA 0 - 30 0 - 12.7 0 - 180 Based on Customer Specifications
Gas Options
  • External Oxygen Source Required
  • Micro-Dose Ozone
  • Compressed Air
  • Compressed Air
  • Onboard Oxygen
  • Compressed Air
  • External Oxygen Source
  • Compressed Air
  • Optional Gas Skid
  • Small Footprint
  • Only Four Moving Parts
  • Affordable
  • Standard 120 Volt Electrical Outlet
  • Only Two Moving Parts
  • Small Footprint
  • Shore Mounted
  • Affordable
  • Remote Monitoring Capability
  • Dissolved Oxygen Sensor
  • Shore Mounted
  • Auto Gas Shut Off if Loss of Prime Feed
  • Real-Time Dissolved Oxygen Monitoring
  • Remote Monitoring Capability
  • Pumpless
  • Horizontal or Vertical Installation
  • Remote Monitoring Capability
  • Available with NaaS
  • Custom Builds
  • Modular Design
  • High-Capacity
  • Available with NaaS

Improve Plant & Root Health with Sustainable Irrigation

Trusted by Over 1,000 Growers Worldwide

The leader in nanobubble technology with over 2,400 commercial installations in 51 countries, Moleaer is trusted by growers seeking sustainable, chemical-free irrigation solutions.

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See the Benefits Nanobubbles Deliver

We’ve developed our solutions hand in hand with innovative farmers and horticulturalists around the world, from California to South America, to the Netherlands, and have proven their efficacy on everything from avocados to tomatoes. Revol Greens — a hydroponic greenhouse facing the extreme Minnesota weather — oxygenated their deep-water culture ponds with nanobubbles to see a 15% average yield increase. Delphy, a research institute in the Netherlands, increased the DO of their water to irrigate strawberries to 30 mg / L and saw a 14% yield increase during their Spring harvest. Avocado in farmers in Chile experienced less tip burn and larger fruit.

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Learn how high-quality irrigation water with super-saturated levels of dissolved oxygen creates better root zone conditions, plant health, and in many cases, yield in this e-book!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Chemical-Free Nanobubble Technology Improve Irrigation Water Treatment Systems?

Water-borne pathogens that cause disease in plants like Pythium, Fusarium, and Phytophthora can be detrimental to entire crop operations if they get out of hand. Especially in hydroponic systems where water is reused, this can result in pathogens in every part of the irrigation system. If an outbreak is very large, it can lead to crop death and greatly impact a grower's bottom line.

Traditionally, growers have used pesticides and cleaning chemicals to keep their irrigation systems clean and reduce disease occurrence. If not dosed and handled properly, chemicals like these can have an unforeseen impact on plant health and cultivation employees.

That is why a chemical-free alternative to reduce pathogens, lower disease pressure, and control biofilm, which can harbor pathogens, is essential. Nanobubble technology improves irrigation water treatment by simply increasing the dissolved oxygen in irrigation water and injecting oxygen nanobubbles. Dissolved oxygen improves the water quality and reduces disease pressure, while nano-sized bubbles naturally oxidize pathogens and scour biofilm from irrigation systems. Growers using nanobubble technology have seen up to 90% pathogen control.

What Moleaer Nanobubble Generators Can Be Used in Irrigation Systems to Combat Plant Pathogens?

Moleaer has a wide range of specialized nanobubble technology products used in plant pathogen control in irrigation water.

These irrigation water treatment solutions are effective when applied to either the irrigation water reservoir, day tank, or as an inline solution for treating irrigation water.

Selecting the best product for your growth operations depends on:

1. How much water you use and want to treat
2. How your water is stored
3. Existing water quality challenges
4. Your budget
5. And other situational factors for your facility

Visit our products page to learn more.

What Are Some of the Benefits of the Advanced Greenhouse Technologies From Moleaer?

There is a reason why Moleaer's irrigation water treatment solutions and advanced greenhouse technologies are trusted by over 1,000 farmers across the globe. The following are some of the benefits you can expect:

• Cleaner and higher quality irrigation water for your crops
• Healthier and often more productive crops due to fewer problems with plant pathogens, bacteria, and disease and better nutrient and water uptake efficiency
• Sustainable irrigation practices because of better management and operation of irrigation systems

What Impact Has Moleaer Had on Treating Irrigation Water in the Agricultural Industry?

Growers that have switched from chemicals to Moleaer's advanced irrigation water treatment solutions for their crops have witnessed a wide range of benefits, such as,

• More than 20% increase in crop yields
• At least 94% peak Pythium reductions
• Reduce soil compaction by up to 20%
• Reduce fertilizer and water inputs

As a result, the use of Moleaer technology for treating irrigation water has increased rapidly around the world.

How Do Irrigation Water Systems With Nanobubbles Improve Soil Health?

Using nanobubbles has been shown to have a direct impact on soil health and function.

Nanobubbles reduce the surface tension of water molecules which results in better infiltration of water to the root zone of the plants. This increases the breakdown of organic matter and the growth of microorganisms in the soil.

The use of nanobubbles also improves soil flocculation while reducing compaction. This promotes better nutrient conversion and increases capillary water distribution around the roots.

Soil treated with nanobubbles also contains fewer plant pathogens than untreated soils because the increase in dissolved oxygen results in the creation of an environment that is not suitable for the growth of plant pathogens.