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Learn how to improve soil health without chemicals
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Grow Healthier, More Resilient Crops with Nanobubbles

Improve soil and plant health with chemical-free nanobubble technology

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Leverage one of the most cost-effective solutions to improve irrigation water quality and crop health. Reduce your reliance on chemical treatments or enhance their impact by supplementing with nanobubbles.
Reduce your risk of crop loss. Improve root health, suppress pathogens, increase nutrient uptake efficiency, and enable crops to better withstand environmental stresses with oxygen-rich water.
Yield is affected by multiple variables that affect plant growth. One of the most important variables is water quality and dissolved oxygen levels. Moleaer’s nanobubble technology consistently increase yields across a variety of crops and cultivation methods.

Grow Healthier, More Resilient Crops

Moleaer's Neo and the Clear nanobubble generators easily integrate into your existing irrigation and fertigation systems to improve water quality, increase crop yields, control biofilm and pathogens, mitigate common soil/substrate issues and more.

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Apply Nanobubbles Where You Need Them Most

Chemical-free nanobubble technology can be installed to treat source water from wells, canals, reservoirs and basins to reduce algae and pathogen growth, improve water quality, and reduce the use of chemicals and pesticides. Nanobubble generators can also be installed on day tanks or inline before your valve zone or irrigation sector. Moleaer’s patented nanobubble generators are easy to integrate, install, and maintain — without overhauling your irrigation system.

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Proven Benefits for Crops growing on Soil

Plants thrive in soils with good structure, ample microbial activity and available nutrients to develop healthy root systems and produce quality crops. However, farmers worldwide face challenging soil conditions from drought stress, exhaustion and poor-quality irrigation water. Nanobubbles have been scientifically proven as a chemical-free solution to improve soil conditions for growers, from reducing soil compaction to increasing soil aeration, nutrient availability and uptake efficiency.

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Improve Soil Health & Structure

Scientific research and independent case studies show that nanobubbles increase soil flocculation, reduce compaction and increase capillary water distribution. Nanobubbles reduce the surface tension of water, improve water infiltration and percolation through the soil profile, improve salt leaching and get more water and nutrients to the root zone where plants need it. Nanobubbles decrease the size of nutrient clusters and raise ionic mobility aiding in increased nutrient availability and uptake efficiency. Plants grown with nanobubble irrigation water have a higher resilience against stress factors, improving crop quality and reducing crop loss for farmers.

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How to Improve Soil Health With Chemical-Free Nanobubbles

Learn how sustainable, chemical-free technologies like nanobubbles are paving the way for farmers to improve soil health, while also contributing numerous other benefits to their cultivation operations in this eBook.

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Generating Proven Results in Agriculture

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