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Discover Flexible Solutions Powered by Nanobubbles

Nanobubbles-as-a-Service (NaaS) offers modular and scalable solutions for a wide variety of industrial processes.

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NBG Container Wastewater Lagoon

Nanobubble Treatment
When You Need It

Skid Mounted | Containerized | Mobile Trailers

NaaS delivers short-term needs without the upfront capital outlay. Respond quickly to seasonal demands and unexpected conditions with Moleaer’s modular nanobubble systems.

  • Scalable from 500 to 5000 GPM (114-1136 m3/hr)
  • Gas-injection for O2, Air, CO2, N2 for specialized applications, and more
  • Modular flexibility
  • Remote monitoring and DO sensors for system control and automation
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Deploy the world’s leading technology in mass gas transfer and nanobubbles. Moleaer’s NaaS provides all the benefits of our patented nanobubble technology in flexible, customizable packages, without the risk of upfront investments. NaaS takes the stress away with sustainable, chemical-free solutions for a variety of water challenges.

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Get help from knowledgeable experts every step of the way. Our skilled engineering team possesses expertise in a vast array of industries and applications to help select the best nanobubble generation system and gas source for your project. Depending on your needs, we offer a variety of support options, including system commissioning, maintenance and remote monitoring.

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Use Cases of Nanobubbles-as-a-Service

Moleaer’s Mobile On-Demand Systems offer seasonal, modular, and emergency treatment solutions in commercial and industrial applications.

Unlock the Power of Nanobubble Technology

Connect with an expert today to see how nanobubbles can transform your business.

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