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Discover how nanobubbles can help you achieve sustainable, cost-effective treatment.

Nanobubbles Deliver a Proven, Efficient Wastewater Solution

Leverage the unique properties of nanobubbles to deliver a proven, multi-pronged approach to improve wastewater treatment. From enhanced aeration efficiency and physical separation to chemical-free oxidation, these nanoscopic bubbles can improve the performance of existing aeration systems, eliminate sustained periods of low dissolved oxygen (DO), and penetrate flocs to sustain a more aerobic biomass that increases treatment capacity and improves biological oxygen demand (BOD), chemical oxygen demand (COD), and ammonia removal rates.

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Ensure your wastewater is treated effectively with a solution that removes contaminants and improves water quality. Nanobubbles promote improved flotation of fats, oils, greases, and floatable solids, and enhances the performance of dissolved air flotation (DAF) systems.
Moleaer nanobubble generators remove surfactants to dramatically improve the efficiency of fine bubble aeration systems. Nanobubbles also achieve oxygen transfer rates over 85% and can be used as the sole aeration technology or as a supplement to an existing aeration system.
Nanobubbles work in any stage of your liquid process to oxidize and prevent the formation of odor and corrosion causing compounds that degrade infrastructure, threaten health and safety, and raise complaints.

Our Customer's Success Stories

Wastewater Treatment Plant

Treat Wastewater via Oxidation

Nanobubbles effectively eliminate some of the most challenging wastewater treatment issues via nanobubble oxidation, hyper-efficient gas transfer, surfactant removal, and the deep delivery of oxygen to the biological floc or film. It is this combination that enables Moleaer nanobubble generators to increase dissolved oxygen levels, eliminating the anaerobic conditions that cause process upsets, degrade process performance, and generate odor and corrosion compounds like hydrogen sulfide (H2S).

Wastewater Sedimentation Tank

Treatment via Enhanced Separation

In addition to improving biological and chemical oxidation processes, nanobubbles also enhance physical separation. Their neutral buoyancy, hydrophobic nature, and strong negative surface charge attracts them to water contaminants like fats, oils, grease, surfactants, colloids, and solids. As more and more nanobubbles surround the contaminant, the entrained contaminant separates from solution enabling it to be easily removed by flotation or filtration.

Urban Wastewter Treatment Plant

See the Benefits Nanobubbles Deliver

From New Zealand to California, from creamery DAFs to municipal oxidation ditches, Moleaer nanobubble generators are a trusted solution for overcoming some of the biggest challenges in wastewater treatment. One meat processing plant struggled with the limitations of its DAF system, seeing reduced recovery of fat: nanobubbles generated a 71% oil and grease reduction. A California craft brewery struggled with its membrane bioreactor, combatting foaming with chemicals, until Moleaer’s systems eliminated those challenges and delivered significant improvements to dissolved oxygen, treatment capacity, and removal rates. These case studies, combined with a wealth of third-party validation from universities like the University of California Los Angeles and Arizona State University, demonstrate why nanobubbles are a leading wastewater treatment technology.

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Moleaer’s Director of Global Water Process Engineering, Andrea White, explains how the unique chemical and physical properties of nanobubbles remove inhibitory surfactants to improve water treatment efficiency and capacity.

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Proven Results in Wastewater Treatment

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