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Discover the root cause of common wastewater problems
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Improve Process Performance & Reduce Costs with
Clean Chemistry

Moleaer’s Nanobubble Technology is Helping Municipal and Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants Increase Treatment Efficiency and Capacity with Lower Energy and Chemical Footprint

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Proven Results in Wastewater Treatment

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more treatment capacity
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less aeration energy demand
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less chlorine demand
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more methane produced

Solve Common Wastewater Treatment
Challenges with Nanobubbles

Moleaer’s Nanobubble Technology Reduces Treatment Costs While Solving Common Problems in Municipal and Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Surfactants are a
Pressing Concern in
Wastewater Treatment

Did you know surfactants could be the cause of your treatment issues? Regardless of industrial or municipal application, the common observed wastewater challenges are often caused by inhibitory compounds like surfactants and fats, oils and grease. Dive into the world of inhibitory compounds in our white paper.

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Discover How Nanobubbles Remove Inhibitory Compounds from Wastewater

Did you know wastewater contaminants like liquid soaps, detergents, degreasers and antimicrobials are a pressing concern in wastewater treatment? 

Wastewater Treatment Problems We Solve

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Talk to a wastewater expert to get the best solution for your treatment plant. 

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Problems Solids Separation Activated Sludge Fixed-Film Lagoons Anaerobic Digestion
Capacity Constraints
COD/BOD/Nitrogen Removal
Toxicity -
Energy Costs - -
Odor Issues - -
Chemical Costs - - -
Sludge Accumulation - - - -
Digester Foaming - - - -
Biogas Production & Quality - - - -
BOD COD Graphic

Nanobubbles Make Wastewater Easier to Treat

Moleaer’s nanobubble technology enables wastewater treatment facilities to treat more wastewater and/or treat it faster by improving biodegradability. In addition to some chemical oxygen demand (COD) removal, nanobubbles convert slowly biodegradable biological oxygen demand (BOD) to readily biodegradable BOD. This facilitates more efficient BOD consumption by bacteria in the wastewater. Our customers see better effluent quality, reduced treatment costs and higher treatment capacity.

Results You Can See in Industrial and Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Moleaer’s customers in water resource recovery facilities and industrial food and beverage wastewater treatment facilities are seeing lower treatment costs, better treatment efficiency and increased capacity.

Our Customer's Success Story

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Discover How Meister Cheese Company Can Now Double its Cheese Production Using Moleaer’s Technology by Solving Their Production Bottleneck 

The Future of
Wastewater Treatment

Learn from Andrea White, P.E., Moleaer's Global Director of Water Process Engineering and John Crisman, Moleaer's Senior Water Process Engineer, how nanobubble pretreatment addresses common wastewater treatment challenges using only air and water.

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Moleaer’s Products are Flexible & Scalable to Meet Your Unique Needs

Flexible & Scalable System Configurations

Flexible & Scalable System Configurations

Moleaer offers fully customizable nanobubble generation solutions for our wastewater customers. From flows ranging from 10 to over 5000 gallons per minute (2-1150 m3/hr) to flexible designs, we can meet the needs of your treatment process. Our systems work best early in the treatment process, as pretreatment, and require little to no retrofitting to implement. Our experienced technical staff can help you pick the best option for your plant.

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Goleta Wastewater Treatment Plant
Fallbrook Municipal Wastewater Plant
Inline nanobubble generators in industrial plant
Nanobubble trailer at wastewater treatment plant
Inline nanobubble generator at Santa Barbara wastewater treatment plant
Nanobubble container at industrial lagoon


Treatment process at Meister Cheese Company wastewater plant


"We’re planning to increase production by over 20 million pounds of cheese and whey products over the next 3 years since installing Moleaer equipment in our wastewater process. That includes avoiding $10 million in CAPEX improvements we would have needed to make. We recommend Moleaer’s system for other cheese manufacturers looking to increase their wastewater treatment capacity and production at the same time."

Larry Harris

Master Cheesemaker at Meister Cheese Company

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Miller Poultry Lagoon


"Moleaer’s sales, service and engineering teams were all great to work with, helping us solve our long-standing odor problem. Moleaer is a great company delivering great science and even better results."

Charlie Brown

Miller Poultry

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Emergency installation at SLO WRRF


"Moleaer’s system deployed quickly and was plug-and-play, treating toxic stormwater and easing bioreactor loads. Operators observed that minimal oversight proved the system works. Given Moleaer's benefits, the plant would have rented larger equipment long-term, but for budget constraints. Still, though undersized, Moleaer’s equipment optimized operations and eased aeration, while regular check-ins addressed issues. Lasting two months, this deployment targeted odors and efficiency, while construction continued."

Patrick McGrath

Supervisor at San Luis Obispo Water Resource Recovery Facility (SLO WRRF)

Get more out of your wastewater infrastructure

Learn how nanobubbles can improve your wastewater operations.

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