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Harness the Power of Nanobubble Technology

Achieve extraordinary improvements in sustainable food production, chemical-free water treatment and the recovery of natural resources.

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A proven, sustainable solution for industries worldwide.

Moleaer's nanobubble technology increases productivity across a wide range of industrial and commercial processes.

How Nanobubble Technology Works

Moleaer's patented technology injects trillions of nano-sized gas bubbles or nanobubbles into liquid to deliver best-in-class gas-to-liquid transfer. Nanobubbles are non-buoyant and electrochemically active, and they produce oxidants and reduce surface tension. These characteristics enable nanobubbles to replace inefficient, energy-intensive gas transfer equipment and harmful chemical oxidants and surfactants with a single, energy-efficient, chemical-free solution.

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Driving Innovation and Business Benefits

Scalable Enhance your processes and boost your growth with reliable nanobubble generator options for nearly every size and type of application.
Waterfields Bloom
Sustainable Minimize your reliance on expensive, harmful chemicals: nanobubbles deliver effective, chemical-free treatment and can reduce energy consumption.
Sunshine Horticulture Canada Neo Install
Efficient Increase productivity and reduce costs with an innovation that outperforms its competition, from more effective oxygenation to increased crop growth.

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"We are thrilled with the results we have seen at our Revol Greens greenhouse since installing the Bloom. The ability of the system to help manage Pythium in water while promoting plant growth is substantial to our bottom line. The on-average 15% improvement in our yields was very surprising. This technology has demonstrated to us that it should and will be standardized into our current facility and the 3-hectare expansion we are doing this year."

Steve Amundson

Head Grower, Revol Greens

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"After trying numerous other treatment methods, we are thrilled with the results we are seeing. The nanobubble treatment is also all-natural and has eliminated our need for chemical treatment, which translates to a better experience for our guests. The Moleaer Optimus gives us the right approach to remove and prevent algae."

Jose Daniel Gonzalez

Chief Maintenance Engineer, Xcaret Resort

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"The thing that I like the most about the nanobubble generator is that it adds a tremendous amount of reliability to our treatment process. Our wastewater makeup changes frequently depending on what cheese products are being produced. It’s very impressive that, no matter what comes down the pipe, the Moleaer system is able to consistently maintain a much higher quality effluent than what we had before. That cuts down my man hours managing the DAF equipment and allows me to focus on other areas which is more valuable to me and this facility."

David Carrillo

Plant Operator, F&A Dairy Products, Inc

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Unlock the potential of nanobubbles.

Discover how you can enhance your water quality and improve your operational performance with nanobubbles.

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