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Moleaer nanobubble technology delivers unparalleled improvements in oxygen transfer efficiency, rearing water quality, and feed conversion ratios at the lowest total cost.

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Improve Your Aquaculture Facility with Nanobubbles

Nanobubble injection technology can improve your water quality with enhanced oxygen saturation and improved fish and ecosystem health. Moleaer’s generators provide an unmatched oxygen transfer efficiency and nanobubble production rate, dramatically reducing operational costs while also targeting and removing harmful contaminants. This proven technology is used by aquaculture facilities worldwide to increase productivity and efficiency.

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Significantly reduce both your oxygen usage and your energy costs with oxygen transfer rates over 85%. Moleaer nanobubbles also facilitate improved feed conversion ratios and parasite treatments, lowering operational costs.
Nanobubbles uniformly increase oxygen availability throughout the water column, minimizing pathogens. The result: less disease, healthier gills, fewer fish kills, reduced off-flavor compounds, enhanced nitrification, H2S oxidation, fractionation, and better growth rates.
Higher dissolved oxygen levels produce improved feed conversion ratios and lower mortality to help maximize your profit. Safely improve stocking densities without compromising quality.
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Raise Healthier Fish with Oxygen Nanobubbles

Nurture healthier fish and improve your water quality by injecting nanobubbles into your water. The addition of nanobubbles in bulk solution keeps diseases, biofouling, harmful algae, and pathogens at bay, while a stable supply of dissolved oxygen promotes fish health and helps them reach an optimal feed conversion ratio. Nanobubbles effectively neutralize contaminants, including off-flavor compounds that occur in RAS facilities. They can also be used for targeted, chemical-free treatments: for instance, salmon farmers have used nanobubbles to enhance sea lice treatment. From algae prevention to remediation of seabeds, Moleaer’s nanobubble generators are the industry-leading solution to enhance the health of your aquatic system.

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Raise the Bar for Aquaculture Systems

Nanobubble generators inject oxygen into water via nanobubble gas infusion — producing both nanobubbles and dissolved oxygen — to create a more stable, oxygen-rich environment where fish thrive. Moleaer delivers optimal system performance, gas usage, water quality, and yield with this innovative technology. Compared to traditional oxygenation solutions, such as cones and diffusers, nanobubbles are far more efficient: Average oxygen savings range from 40% to 50%. Moreover, nanobubbles neutralize contaminants in water, from bacteria to off-flavor compounds in RAS, minimizing the need for chemicals. This advanced and proven solution is research-backed and helps aquaculture facilities operate more sustainably.

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See the Benefits Nanobubbles Deliver

Large-scale Aquaculture facilities and fish farms from Norway to Canada and across Latin America are utilizing Moleaer’s nanobubble technology to improve the economics of their salmon and shrimp farms.

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Generating Proven Results in Aquaculture

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Invest for higher-quality fish at a lower cost.

Learn how nanobubbles can improve your operations.

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