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Nanobubbles Support Environmental Stewardship While Maintaining Productivity for Aquaculture

Moleaer nanobubble technology delivers unparalleled improvements in aquaculture, including oxygen transfer efficiency, rearing water quality, and feed conversion ratios at the lowest total cost.

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Improve Resource Efficiency Nanobubble technology is adaptable and scalable to different aquaculture environments, allowing you to always operate at maximum efficiency. By increasing the efficiency of both oxygen and energy use, nanobubbles enable fish farmers to reduce oxygen and fuel consumption, while naturally improving water quality, without the use of chemicals, allowing fish to thrive. This enables your operation to constantly achieve higher outputs, while improving resource efficiency.
Reduce Environmental Impact Nanobubbles allow fish farmers to reduce chemical and pharmaceutical applications. Our proven technology offers longer and more complete water oxygenation, while reducing machine runtime, enabling your operation to reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions from generators, compressors and PSAs. Nanobubbles are also actively used to remediate the seabed under ocean fish farming sites to mitigate any negative environmental impact.
Improve Fish Welfare While Increasing Production Nanobubbles assume a crucial role in prioritizing the health and welfare of farmed fish. By creating optimal living conditions – characterized by appropriate water quality and dissolved oxygen levels – these microscale gas bubbles facilitate the acquisition of proper nutrition, contributing to the overall well-being of the fish. Furthermore, the unique properties of nanobubbles serve to prevent diseases and reduce fish farmers’ dependency on antibiotics and other treatments, fostering a healthier and more sustainable approach to salmon farming.

Generating Proven Results in Aquaculture

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Improving Operations & Efficiency in Sustainable Aquaculture

Nanobubbles are Adaptable to a Wide Range of Aquaculture Systems

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Wellboat and Delicer for Aquaculture

Well Boats & Delicers

A hyper-efficient, easy-to-integrate and retrofit-capable system enables immediate distribution of super-oxygenated water when it matters most. Moleaer’s Trinity nanobubble generators allow wellboat and de-licing operators to replace existing underperforming injectors to increase uptime and fish welfare during critical fish crowding operations, such as de-licing or fish transport. Nanobubble technology allows fish farming crews to improve oxygen use efficiency while maintaining optimal dissolved oxygen levels during the crowding procedure, ensuring fish welfare by significantly reducing stress levels and mortality rates.

Sea Lice Treatment Net Pen

Sealice & Wellness Treatments

Nanobubble oxygenation delivers quick and immediate oxygenation to crowded fish during treatments, while utilizing dramatically less oxygen. Optimizing levels of oxygen during treatment lowers fish stress levels and enables longer and more effective treatments. Permanent or mobile nanobubble systems enable rapid and effective solutions for improved health treatments.


Net pen oxygenation

Whether your needs are temporary, seasonal, or permanent, Moleaer has the perfect solution to meet all your aquaculture net pen oxygenation requirements. Our state-of-the-art nanobubble systems are designed to deliver exceptional performance in any scenario. From energy-efficient submersible systems that excel in deep-water applications to centralized surface-mounted systems offering high flow rates and unparalleled efficiency, Moleaer has transformed offshore oxygenation to significantly reduce costs.

Discover the extraordinary power of Moleaer's dissolved oxygen and oxygen nanobubble combination for your aquaculture net pen. Experience a multitude of benefits that promote the well-being of your farmed fish. Our systems establish a stable, evenly oxygenated environment, optimizing dissolved oxygen levels to minimize stress, maximize feed conversion rates, and deliver superior results. Elevate your fish farming operation with Moleaer to improve input efficiency and reduce operational costs.


Aerial shot of a salmon farm

Supplemental Oxygenation

Moleaer systems provide your operation with oxygen – reliably and exactly when it’s needed – regardless of your present setup. Are you in need of some additional oxygenation power or does your current system require a redundancy? The Trinity nanobubble generator system is perfectly adapted to function as a redundancy or emergency oxygenator, is highly energy-efficient and can be retrofitted easily to any existing set-up, without going through the hassle of re-designing or reworking your current aquaculture farming system.

Aquaculture Seabed Remediation

Seabed Remediation

Preserving marine ecosystems is critical to sustainable aquaculture. Oxygen nanobubbles can be applied at depth of up to 100 meters, where they can blanket the benthic layer in an oxygen-rich environment to oxidize contaminates and pathogens. Moleaer’s nanobubble technology is actively used in many regions in Chile to responsibly remediate seabeds after or during fish farming operations, helping to repair damaged environments and restore flora and fauna on the ocean floor.

Land-Based Aquaculture Systems

From RAS to flow-through hatcheries and fisheries, Moleaer's technology is used in land-based aquaculture systems to help maintain water quality and provide efficient and cost-effective oxygenation.

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RAS Render Side - EN

Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS)

Treating all forms of water and wastewater with nanobubbles is Moleaer’s specialty. Beyond efficient oxygenation, the unique properties of nanobubbles play a critical role in addressing water quality challenges in recirculating aquaculture systems. Through hundreds of installations, Moleaer’s wastewater engineering team has developed specific knowledge of how to utilize and integrate nanobubbles into specific parts of a RAS process to improve the removal of particulates, nutrients, proteins, biofilms and pollutants through fractionation and oxidation. Oxygen nanobubbles also enhance oxidation processes like UV and ozonation to improve microbial load reduction and off-flavor compound removal.


Flow-Through Hatcheries

Moleaer’s Trinity nanobubble generators provide the broadest, most flexible solution for permanent or supplemental oxygen to flow-through systems. With a small footprint, low headloss, variable orientation and industry-leading flow range, the nanobubble generators can be installed directly inline, on a bypass, or in a dedicated loop. Flexible flow rates and simple ramp-up or ramp-down enable energy and oxygen usage to closely match your oxygen demand without waste or outages. Whether the requirement is to retrofit an existing facility to replace aging and underperforming fishery equipment or to help a facility meet higher production output, Moleaer’s Trinity systems are the quickest and most cost-effective solution to improve oxygen utilization and lower production costs.

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Learn how nanobubbles can improve your aquaculture operations and help you reduce costs.

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