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Learn how nanobubbles can improve your lake or pond
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Nanobubbles kick start natural lake recovery processes and increase your lake’s resiliency

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An innovative approach to lake management

Give your lake a fighting chance against unwanted algae and restore your water’s natural balance. Moleaer’s nanobubble technology is a recognized lake and surface water management solution used around the world.

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With a single intake and discharge line connected to a shore-mounted unit, nanobubble generators are simple and easy to install. No special tools or materials are required to assemble or for deployment.
Moleaer’s research-backed and real-world tested nanobubble technology is intrinsically different from conventional aeration mixing systems. Nanobubbles transfer oxygen directly at the sediment and across the waterbody where it is needed most.
Nanobubbles increase oxygen and enhance nature’s natural oxidative processes to make your lake more resilient to algae blooms. This oxidative effect can combat algae directly and helps reduce the availability of the nutrients that cause nuisance blooms. Nanobubbles produce healthier lakes as a sustainable alternative to traditional chemical additives.

Lake & Pond Nanobubble Generators

Learn more about our nanobubble generation systems designed to target the root cause of common lake and pond issues like muck, algae, foul odors and excess nutrients.

3D model of Improve Health of Aquatic Ecosystems with Moleaer Nanobubbles

How Nanobubbles Benefit Lakes and Ponds

Nanobubbles are 2500 times smaller than a single grain of salt with unique chemical and physical properties. They provide the benefits of efficient oxygenation as well as create a mild oxidative environment that improves your aquatic ecosystem’s ability to break down unwanted organic compounds.  

How nanobubbles improve resiliency of lakes and ponds:  

  • Dissolved oxygen injection 
  • Improve the decomposition of organic matter 
  • Reduce mucky sediment accumulation  
  • Prevent foul odors and scum  
  • Reduce the release of excess nutrients into the water column 
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Nanobubbles Restore Water Quality in Lakes & Ponds

Aquatic Professionals Nanobubble solutions lake managers can rely on as a proactive, sustainable solution to improve lakes and ponds. Download Brochure
Lake & Pond Owners As an alternative to traditional chemical pesticides, nanobubbles are a proven technology to combat common lake problems. Download Brochure
Sidebyside model of untreated waterbody and nanobubble injection


Moleaer’s nanobubbles, as confirmed by third-party testing, produce hydroxyl radicals, one of the strongest known oxidants, using only air and water. The mild oxidative properties of Moleaer’s nanobubbles provide you a safe alternative to traditional chemical pesticides without the health and safety risks of handling and applying. 

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Kingfisher | Affordable next-generation technology

Adding nanobubbles to your lake management plan has never been easier. With Moleaer’s Kingfisher™ nanobubble generator, reducing algae, foul odors and muck buildup is now possible with sustainable, chemical-free nanobubble technology. Simple shore-mounted installation, easy maintenance, and only three moving parts make the Kingfisher a cost-effective tool for lake owners everywhere to take advantage of the unique benefits of nanobubbles.

Moleaer listened to industry experts and applied years of experience and research, including large-scale commercial water remediation projects, to develop this new, affordable nanobubble generator.

More About Kingfisher
Nanobubbles Vs Fine Bubble Aeration

See the Benefits Nanobubbles Deliver

From Mexico to Florida to the UAE, large-scale lake and pond managers around the world rely on Moleaer nanobubble generators to deliver visible results. At XCaret amusement park, Moleaer minimized algae in 9.25 million gallons, ensuring clear water and eliminating the need for chemicals At Lake Temescal in Oakland California, nanobubbles successfully eliminated anoxic conditions, raising dissolved oxygen levels from 0 to above 5 PPM to increase fish habitat and reduce phosphorus levels. SOLitude Lake Management, the nation’s leading full-service lake and pond management, used a Moleaer nanobubble generator to eliminate blue-green and filamentous algae from a 1.3-acre pond. Moleaer’s internal environmental engineering team also works tirelessly to continuously validate existing and new benefits of nanobubbles via third-party academic validation. 

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Got Muck or Algae Problems?

Download this eBook to learn how nanobubbles help reduce muck, algae, foul odors and excess nutrients without the use of chemicals.

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Generating Proven Results in Water Body Management

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Get Clearer, Healthier Water in Weeks

Learn how nanobubbles can improve your lake or pond today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Moleaer's Nanobubble Technology Protect Ponds and Lakes Against Algae Blooms?

Moleaer's patented nanobubble technology ​improves water quality in lakes and ponds, making them ​​​more resilient to algal blooms.​ Also, nanobubbles naturally oxidize algae and help control existing blooms.

Unlike other solutions to improve water quality problems, nanobubbles address the root cause of algae blooms, eliminating foul odors and toxins that can be hazardous to pets, wildlife, and humans.

How Can Nanobubbles Support Lake and Pond Algae Control?

Moleaer's nanobubble technology supports pond and lake algae control by creating a mild oxidative environment​ and increasing dissolved oxygen throughout the water column​ that allows these water bodies' ecosystems to break down unwanted organic matter, reducing the negative impacts of nutrients that can encourage algae blooms.

Can Nanobubble Technology Promote Beneficial Bacteria in Ponds, Lakes, and Reservoirs?

Our nanobubble technology ​efficiently oxygenates the entire water column, even in the sediment layer, ​to ​promote​ beneficial bacteria ​and reduce algae and muck accumulation for healthier and more resilient water bodies.

Nanobubbles also help improve water's clarity and quality, reduce excess nutrients going into the water column, prevent scum and odors, improve organic compounds decomposition, and increase dissolved oxygen (DO) in the sediment to digest muck.

Is Your Nanobubble Algae Treatment System Suitable For Large-Sized Ponds?

Moleaer's nanobubbles can be used for large pond and lake algae control and deliver visible and quality results. Therefore, both large-scale lake or pond managers and those who have these water bodies in their backyards can leverage our technology to improve water clarity and quality and reduce algae bloom occurrence.

Can Your Nanobubble Technology Keep Water Healthy After Pond or Lake Algae Removal?

​​Prevention is crucial to avoid algae growth. Since nanobubbles ​help​​​ treat the root cause of algae blooms emergence, this technology can play a key role in ​proactive pond or lake management plans.​​​

​​Nanobubbles improve overall water quality, making lakes and ponds more resilient to algal blooms and keeping water healthier for longer. Used in complement with your existing integrated pest management plan, nanobubbles are a chemical-free tool to oxidize algae and reduce odor compounds, while simultaneously oxygenating the sediment layer to digest muck and reduce the presence of nutrients that cause algae blooms.

Is It Difficult to Add Nanobubbles to a Pond or Lake Water Treatment System?

​Moleaer's nanobubble pond water treatment systems are easy to install because they are shore mounted with only a suction and discharge pipe needed in addition to power.

Our Kingfisher nanobubble generator is smaller, with simple controls, only 3 moving parts, 120V household power required, and quiet operation (57 dB at 3 feet away). It's also lightweight and robust to withstand the elements.

If you need a larger size, our Clear nanobubble generator can treat larger-sized water bodies and offers easy installation and maintenance.

Why Is Your Nanobubble Technology a Good Option If I Want to Have a Healthy Pond, Lake, or Reservoir?

Besides being an effective and restorative tool to support pond and lake algae control, Moleaer's nanobubble technology is easy to install, targets the root cause of common lake problems, doesn't require extensive maintenance, and is cost-effective.

Can Nanobubbles Support Aquatic Plant Growth in Lakes and Ponds?

Nanobubbles provide oxygen and an optimal habitat with better-quality water for aquatic life, creating a healthy aquatic environment where these ecosystems can develop.

​In fact, Moleaer uses nanobubbles for greenhouse growers to improve crop quality and lower disease.

Why Are Nanobubbles Safer Than Traditional Chemical Pesticides if You Have to Control Excessive Algae Growth?

Moleaer's nanobubbles are produced with only water and air, so they are a chemical-free tool to naturally oxidize contaminants.

When nanobubbles come in contact with contaminants in the water, they collapse and release natural oxidants or hydroxyl radicals that destroy these contaminants. Also, nanobubbles increase the dissolved oxygen levels, helping to increase muck digestion and reduce nutrient release that promotes algal blooms.

Unlike traditional chemical pesticides, nanobubbles don't pose safety and health risks when applied or handled.