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Nanoscopic nanobubbles combat algae at its source and increase your lake’s resiliency.

A new tool for a holistic approach to lake management

Give your lake a fighting chance against unwanted algae and restore your water’s natural balance. Moleaer’s nanobubble technology is a proven lake and surface water management solution used around the world.

With a single intake and discharge line connected to a shore-mounted unit, nanobubble generators are simple and easy to install. No special tools or materials are required to assemble or for deployment.
Moleaer’s research-backed and real-world tested nanobubble technology is intrinsically different from conventional aeration mixing systems. Nanobubbles transfer oxygen directly at the sediment and across the waterbody where it is needed most. They are neutrally buoyant and distribute from a single discharge point without disrupting natural stratification, which is essential for ideal fish habitats.
Nanobubbles not only increase oxygen but enhance nature’s natural oxidative processes to make your lake more resilient to algae blooms. This oxidative effect not only combats algae directly but also helps reduce the availability of the nutrients they need to cause nuisance blooms. Nanobubbles produce healthier lakes with a sustainable and chemical-free solution.
3D model of Improve Health of Aquatic Ecosystems with Moleaer Nanobubbles

How Nanobubbles Control Algae in Ponds and Lakes

Nanobubbles are nanoscopic bubbles 2500 times smaller than a single grain of salt with unique chemical and physical properties. They provide the benefits of efficient oxygenation as well as interactions like oxidation and flotation that improve your aquatic ecosystem by breaking down unwanted organic compounds. Nanobubbles raise dissolved oxygen levels throughout the entire lake or pond: low levels of DO create an environment where algae thrives, organic matter doesn’t fully decompose, mucky sediments accumulate at the bottom, nutrients are released into the water column, fish starve, and bad bacteria grows. Nanobubbles reverse those conditions and act like an oxidant to kill algae, break down organic debris, and positively affect oxidation reduction potential (ORP), which is the ability for a water body to cleanse itself.

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Sidebyside model of untreated waterbody and nanobubble injection

Chemical-Free Water Quality Management Solution

Nanobubbles deliver results beyond traditional gas injection or aeration technology, many of which fail to effectively increase dissolved oxygen or control algae. Traditional aeration offers limited oxygen transfer and may actually increase algae by stirring nutrients from the pond bed; chemical solutions harm existing pond and lake life; ultrasonic devices are costly and only work on some algae. Nanobubbles stand out: they provide best-in-class injection of oxygen throughout the entire waterbody, even at the sediment layer. Moreover, Moleaer’s nanobubble generators provide a mild chemical-free oxidation to effectively reduce harmful algae.

Nanobubbles Vs Fine Bubble Aeration

See the Benefits Nanobubbles Deliver

From Mexico to Florida to the UAE, large-scale lake and pond managers around the world rely on Moleaer nanobubble generators to deliver visible results. At XCaret amusement park, Moleaer minimized algae in 9.25 million gallons, ensuring clear water and eliminating the need for chemicals At Lake Temescal in Oakland California, nanobubbles successfully eliminated anoxic conditions, raising dissolved oxygen levels from 0 to above 5 PPM to increase fish habitat and reduce phosphorus levels. SOLitude Lake Management, the nation’s leading full-service lake and pond management, used a Moleaer nanobubble generator to eliminate blue-green and filamentous algae from a 1.3-acre pond. Moleaer’s internal environmental engineering team also works tirelessly to continuously validate existing and new benefits of nanobubbles via third-party academic validation.

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Generating Proven Results in Water Body Management

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