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Moleaer’s Neo N nanobubble generators suppress pathogens and promote vigorous growth of resilient crops in horticulture and aquaculture.

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Water Quality Management Across Industries

Neo N generators supersaturate irrigation water with Dissolved Oxygen (DO) and nanobubbles to improve water quality, maintain plant health, suppress pathogens and control biofilm.

  • ~100 nm-sized bubbles
  • Oxygenation of any depth tank
  • Automatic gas shut-off if the prime feed is lost
  • Optical DO sensors and PLC for system control and automation

Neo N Generators

Moleaer’s Neo N generators come in two configurations so you can choose the best fit for your industry, body of water, and quality control needs.

Neo N with Onboard Oxygen
Neo N Standard

Neo N with Onboard Oxygen

The Neo N includes all of the standard features, plus an integrated system capable of producing oxygen with 93% purity.


Neo N Standard

The Neo N Standard Generator supersaturates water with DO through an energy-efficient system, durable operating capabilities, and real-time monitoring.

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Case Studies

Moleaer’s Neo N nanobubble generators produce efficient, cost-effective water quality solutions in various applications across industries.

"We are thrilled with our results after installing the Moleaer Nanobubble generator. Not only did we experience a 25% reduction in growth cycle, but we were able to achieve a higher yield per square foot as well. Combined with the easy installation and quick payback period, I see this as the new standard for hydroponic facilities around the world."

Jeremy Marsh

Rocky Mountain Fresh

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