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Wastewater Treatment

Combat common wastewater treatment challenges with the power of clean-air chemistry, Moleaer nanobubble technology.


Wastewater Treatment

Greenhouse vegetable, leafy green, fruit and ornamental growers are seeking sustainable and chemical-free ways to improve their crop yields. Nanobubble technology helps growers improve irrigation water quality in tanks and reservoirs to support healthy crops and improve yields. Learn how you can reduce biofilm and disease pressure while improve crop health with nanobubble technology by reading our blogs.


We focus on water and climate because they go hand in hand for a sustainable future. Moleaer enables industries to do more with less by enhancing water quality, reducing water use and supporting industry efficiency.

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Want to dive deeper into the science of nanobubbles? These blogs cover a variety of topics in nanobubble technology, sharing peer-reviewed research and tools for measuring nanobubbles.

WEBINAR: The Future of Wastewater Treatment

Watch this webinar to learn how nanobubbles improve treatment efficiency and reduce costs.

Watch the Webinar

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Moleaer’s customers in water resource recovery facilities and industrial food and beverage wastewater treatment facilities are seeing lower treatment costs, better treatment efficiency and increased capacity. Read these blogs to learn more.

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