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Lakes, Ponds, & Other Water Bodies

Explore the science behind the benefits of nanobubble technology in lakes, ponds, stormwater basin and other water bodies.

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Featured, Lakes & Ponds, Water Pollution

8 minute read
| December 12, 2023

Controlling Lake Pollution: Understanding the Source

Looking at an image of the earth covered by a fathomless breadth of blue water, it might be tempting to relax.
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Featured, Lakes & Ponds, Algae

6 minute read
| November 28, 2023

Lakes in Crisis: Tackling Harmful Algal Blooms

What are harmful algae blooms? Harmful algal blooms (HABs) are occurrences of rapid and excessive growth of certain types of algae, often leading to n..
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Featured, Lakes & Ponds, Pond Maintenance

4 minute read
| June 21, 2023

Chemical-Free & Sustainable Tools for Koi Pond Maintenance

Common Challenges in Koi Pond Maintenance Koi fish ponds, although visually appealing and serene, can encounter a range of common issues that require ..
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Featured, Lakes & Ponds, Algae

6 minute read
| June 15, 2023

Why do Algae Blooms get Worse in Summer?

Have you ever wondered why algae blooms often get worse during the summer months? You’ve probably seen at least one article about toxic or harmful alg..
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Featured, Lakes & Ponds, Lake Management

4 minute read
| May 03, 2023

How to Create a Sustainable Lake Management Plan with IPM

Creating a lake management plan can help ensure the long-term health and sustainability of a lake or other body of water. Here are some general steps ..
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Featured, Lakes & Ponds, Lake Management

9 minute read
| April 06, 2023

What is Muck and How to remove it Sustainably for Lakes and Ponds?

Muck is a type of organic sediment that can accumulate in lakes and ponds, often consisting of decomposing plant material, algae, and other organic ma..
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Lake Management

Managing lakes can be challenging, especially when you don't have the right tools. Discover how nanobubble technology is helping lake managers target the root cause of water quality issues, muck, algae, foul odors and excessive nutrients to improve lake health.


Algae and the negative impacts from excessive blooms are a major concern for lake managers, owners and the public. Learn how nanobubbles help target the root cause of algae blooms through efficient oxygenation and natural oxidation.

Pond Maintenance

Golf course, backyard, resort and community ponds can be challenging to manage, though chemical-free tools like nanobubble technology are a cost-effective, sustainable way to improve water quality and solve common water problems.

Target the Root Cause of Common Lake Problems

Download the Lake Management eBook today to learn how to reduce algae, muck, foul odors and excess nutrients that plague lakes and ponds.

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Discover how nanobubbles are improving water quality and helping industries do more with less.

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You'll find articles for lake managers, owners and enthusiasts to learn about sustainable lake management, common lake and water quality challenges, and how nanobubbles target the root cause of these challenges.

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