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Superior Water Quality for Optimum Plant Growth

Designed for Cultivation Operations Treating Under 1000 Gallons of Water Per Day

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Lotus Nanobubble Generator

Improve irrigation water to promote optimum plant growth and reduce inputs with Moleaer’s LotusTM patented nanobubble generator, a highly efficient gas-injection technology that converts bulk oxygen into nanobubbles and supersaturates irrigation water with high levels of dissolved oxygen (DO). 

Due to their small size, nanobubbles possess unique physical and chemical properties that improve plant and root health, including preventing and suppressing diseasing causing pathogens, increasing nutrient uptake efficiency and enabling plants to better withstand environmental stressors.

  • 10 GPM flow rate
  • Assembled in the USA
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Self-priming, energy efficient pump
  • Designed for oxygen gas only
  • Oxygen Conversion Kit for continuous oxygen supply
  • Easy installation & maintenance
  • Robust with only two moving parts
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Improve Crop Health, Resilience & Yields

Low levels of dissolved oxygen (DO) in irrigation water leads to poor water quality, increased pathogens and sub-optimal plant growth with low crop yields. Raising DO levels with oxygen nanobubbles in irrigation water results in improved plant performance.

Boost Plant Vigor & Performance Increasing DO levels with oxygen nanobubbles promotes healthy root systems and beneficial bacteria growth resulting in improved nutrient uptake efficiency, better plant resilience to environmental stressors, increased photosynthetic capacity, and increased water uptake efficiency.
Control Pathogens, Algae & Biofilm Nanobubbles also provide added benefits for growers looking to reduce reliance on harmful chemical and pesticide applications by acting as a chemical-free agent to reduce harmful pathogens and biofilms in irrigation systems.
Produce More with Less Irrigation water supersaturated with oxygen nanobubbles improves plant health from early growth to flowering resulting in improved crop yields and nutrient content allowing growers to produce more with less.

Lotus Nanobubble Generator

Moleaer’s Lotus generator is designed for discerning micro-growers looking for water quality improvement.

Oxygen Conversion Kit


The Lotus nanobubble generator uses patented nanobubble technology to deliver continuous benefits for healthier plants. An oxygen gas tank is required (not included) to operate the Lotus.

Lotus Right-1


Oxygen Conversion Kit

A simple-to-install conversion kit takes you from heavy, cumbersome and expensive oxygen cylinders that need to be replaced regularly to an oxygen concentrator that will keep supplying oxygen on demand. Reduce the headaches of oxygen supply chain issues and never run out of gas using your own concentrator or getting one from Moleaer.

Tomatoes Greenhouse

How it Works

The Lotus nanobubble generator easily integrates with your existing water tank to recirculate water before it’s pumped out to your grow operations. Depending on your tank setup, the Lotus inlet is installed directly into the side of your tank or adjacent manifold pipe, with the discharge pipe going into the top of the tank. By recirculating the water in your tank, the Lotus continuously injects nanobubbles to:

  • Boost plant and root health
  • Improve water quality
  • Suppress pathogenic growth
  • Reduce biofilm


Left_45 Labels
The Lotus recirculates water through Moleaer's proprietary nanobubble generator, producing nanobubbles and increasing dissolved oxygen.
Nanobubbles reduce emitter clogging and biofilm buildup in pipes, reducing the need for chemical treatments like hydrogen peroxide.
Connect the Lotus to your irrigation tank to achieve nanobubble-infused water through recirculation.
Increased dissolved oxygen improves root respiration, nutrient, uptake, and plant health. moleaer-nanobubbles-roots-leafs
Nanobubbles act as a mild, chemical-free oxidant that reduces pathogens, bacteria and scours biofilm.

External Oxygen Gas Required

An oxygen tank or concentrator must be connected to the Lotus to operate, and the Lotus is only rated for oxygen gas. Moleaer offers an oxygen conversion kit to easily connect a concentrator to your Lotus for added convenience.

Nanobubble technology is the most efficient way to increase levels of dissolved oxygen (DO) with growers achieving up to 300% more DO at a lower cost of oxygen input and with no additional resources required.


Convenient Oxygen Conversion Kit

Reduce the headaches of oxygen supply chain issues with Moleaer’s Lotus Oxygen Conversion Kit. Simply install the oxygen conversion kit to your Lotus with a few short steps and plug in your favorite oxygen concentrator to get continuous and efficient oxygen nanobubbles. Moleaer also offers oxygen concentrators to simplify the process even further.

Benefits of adding the Oxygen Conversion Kit:

  1. Safer with fewer risks of oxygen leaks
  2. Continuous oxygen supply
  3. No more swapping out gas cylinders
  4. Never run out of gas
  5. Oxygen is only injected when the Lotus is running
  6. More sustainable, requiring less coordination, labor and transportation costs to change out cylinders



Simple Maintenance

With only two moving parts, the Lotus nanobubble generator requires very little maintenance once installed. The robust design and corrosion resistant material ensures the Lotus will hold up to constant use in your grow facility.

“We are thrilled with the results we have seen at our Revol Greens greenhouse since installing the [nanobubble generator]”

Steve Amundson

Revol Greens

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"Not only did we experience a 25% reduction in growth cycle, but we were able to achieve a higher yield per square foot as well. Combined with the easy installation and quick payback period, I see this as the new standard for hydroponic facilities around the world."

Jeremy Marsh

Rocky Mountain Fresh

Read the Case Study

Case Studies

Moleaer’s Lotus nanobubble generators are custom-tailored for grow facilities under 200 LED grow lights or under 1000 gallons of water per day, so all types of grow facilities can benefit from the power of nanobubble technology.

Trusted by Over 500 Growers WorldWide

Moleaer's nanobubble technology is independently validated by experienced engineering and innovation teams at world-renowned universities.

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