All-Natural and Chemical-Free Method for Aquatic Management

Moleaer’s Clear is an all-natural, chemical-free method to saturate lake and ponds of all sizes with dissolved oxygen (DO). Sustaining DO levels throughout the water column and by penetrating the muck layer helps reduce the nutrient recycling rate into the water from the sediment. Phosphorus cycling, in particular, is one the primary factors known to trigger and sustain algae blooms. Available in 50 and 150 gpm flow rates, the durable Clear is easy to install, operate, and maintain.

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Features & Benefits:

  • Highest Oxygen Transfer Efficiency
  • Global Remote Monitoring Capability
  • Quiet, <65 dB
  • 120 nm-sized Bubbles
  • >1 Billion Nanobubbles / mL
  • Easy to Install & Maintain
  • Small Footprint & Lightweight
  • Shore Mounted


  • Remote Water Quality Monitoring
  • Integrated Enriched-Air Generation
    (Doubles Oxygen Supply)
  • Integrated Ozone Generation