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Improve Water’s Natural Health with Nanobubbles

Moleaer's Clear nanobubble generators inject nanobubbles in water to prevent algae blooms and promote healthy conditions from the sediment to the surface.

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Clear Nanobubble Generator installed next to pond

Sustainable Aquatic Management Solutions

Moleaer’s Clear nanobubble generators improve water quality, restore water’s natural balance, and increase operational efficiency through:

  • >85% Standard Oxygen Transfer Efficiency (SOTE)
  • Global remote monitoring capabilities
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Small footprint and lightweight design
  • Shore-mounted hardware
  • No external gas source required

Clear Generators

Explore Moleaer’s Clear generator configurations based on flow rate, add-on features, and specialized industry treatment applications.

Clear 50
Clear 150

Clear 50

The Clear 50 generator is a chemical-free water quality solution with remote equipment monitoring and dissolved oxygen monitoring options for real-time tracking.

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Clear 150

The Clear 150 comes with a durable integrated compressor and optional remote monitoring service for balanced, healthy water.

See Equipment Monitoring Options
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Case Studies

Moleaer’s Clear nanobubble generators serve multiple industries with specialized features and capabilities for irrigation water, lakes and ponds, reservoirs, municipal waterbodies, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does a Nanobubble Generator Produce Clearer Water?

By increasing the levels of dissolved oxygen (DO) at the sediment layer, nanobubble technology provides a chemical-free way to create an environment not suitable for bacteria and algae growth and increases muck digestion for clearer lakes and ponds.

Nanobubbles remain suspended in the water for long periods rather than simply floating to the surface like larger bubbles.

While in the water, their characteristics enable nanobubbles to produce a mild oxidative effect allowing them to oxidize contaminants and lyse bacteria and algae cells, while improving fish health. This overall impact improves water quality and clarity.

How Does the Clear Generator Produce Oxygen Nanobubble Water?

The Clear nanobubble generator produces gas nanobubbles from only air and water, offering chemical-free nanobubble water treatment.

The nanobubble water has trillions of nano-sized bubbles with unique properties and characteristics that get at the root cause of common lake and pond water concerns.

Without the need for an oxygen concentrator or potentially harmful chemicals, you will have clearer, healthier, more resilient water bodies.

Could Nano-sized Gas Bubbles Harm My Fish and Aquatic Plants?

Nanobubble technology will not harm fish or aquatic plants. Nanobubbles are used in aquaculture to improve fish health, reduce disease and remediate seabeds.

Improved oxygen levels and contaminant oxidation from nanobubbles promotes desirable growth of aquatic plants.

What Types of Moleaer's Clear Nanobubble Generators Are Available?

When choosing your Clear nanobubble generator, you will have two options depending on the flow rate required for your water body size and conditions:

● Moleaer's Clear 50
● Moleaer's Clear 150

Our experienced staff can help you select the best nanobubble generator for your water body as well as support with installation and maintenance.

All Clear models offer optional remote monitoring capabilities. They are easy-to-install and maintain, lightweight, and shore-mounted.

If you have a water body that requires a smaller flow rate, we also offer the Kingfisher nanobubble generator in a compact size.

What Are the Benefits of Dissolved Oxygen Nanobubble Water in Lakes and Ponds?

When applied to ponds and natural water systems, Moleaer's Clear nanobubble generator has the following benefits:

● Increases levels of dissolved oxygen in the sediment to increase muck digestion
● Reduces water turbidity
● Improve water quality and ORP or oxidation-reduction potential
● Oxidizes iron and manganese which are harmful to fish when present in a large amount

What Impact Does Nanobubbles Water Treatment Have on the Sustainability of Aquatic Management Solutions?

Nanobubble technology is a sustainable, chemical-free tool that should be used along with other integrated pest management practices as part of a lake management plan or aquatic management solutions. By reducing algae, muck, and foul odors, lake managers can reduce chemical inputs, improve sustainability and reduce costs.

What Other Applications Are There for Moleaer’s Clear Nanobubble Generators?

Moleaer's Clear nanobubble generator can be used for various applications, such as:

● Irrigation water basins and reservoirs
● Remediation of lakes, ponds and water systems

"We were used to dosing agents based on the color of the basin water to inhibit algae growth. This year we didn't actually dose anything and instead we relied on the Moleaer's Clear nanobubble generator. We then looked at various filters in the greenhouse. We now flush the sand filter two to three times less than before, an important indication that there is less algae in the water. We then looked at the biofilter. That too appears to remain cleaner, and we now also rake much later. Finally, we added 50% less hydrogen peroxide to keep the dripper hoses clean. These are all clear indications that the quality of my basin water has improved. As far as I am concerned, that Moleaer unit will not go away!"

Arnold Groenewegen

Prominent Grevelingen

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"Without Moleaer’s nanobubble generator, we’re not sure what we would’ve been able to do to remediate our lagoon. The nanobubble generator has been a critical component to restoring the lagoon and aquatic health."

Sean Barron

Peacock Gap

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