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Chemical engineer Gregory Eirschele has had access to a private trout pond for many years, from which he fishes recreationally. It is home to a population of native brook trout.

Nuisance Algae Blooms Every Year

Every year in the late summer the pond experiences excessive filamentous algae growth, causing eutrophic conditions which negatively affects water quality and trout health. Growth of weeds such as coon tail, duckweed and pond weed are also significant. If the weeds are not removed, they decompose and add to the organic matter in the pond bottom muck, worsening water eutrophication. Lakes experience eutrophication when there’s an excess amount of nutrients, commonly from runoff from the land or other hard surfaces like roads, sidewalks and drains. This causes an increase in plant growth, though it negatively impacts animal life from reduced oxygen levels.

Algae control at Private Trout Pond using nanobubbles

Eirschele tried a conventional aeration system, but it did not improve the water quality. It also stirred up the water column, causing the cooler temperatures of the deepest water to increase, negatively affecting trout health.   

A Sustainable Tool: Nanobubbles

Nanobubbles increase oxygen and enhance nature’s oxidative processes to make water bodies more resilient to algae blooms. The mild, chemical-free oxidative effect of nanobubbles helps reduce the availability of nutrients that causes nuisance blooms, as well as continually lyses algal cells and destroys pathogens. These natural oxidative properties of Moleaer’s nanobubbles provide a safe alternative to traditional chemical pesticides without the health and safety risks of handling and applying.

Healthier fish from nanobubble water treatment

During spring 2022, Eirschele installed Moleaer’s Clear 50 Nanobubble Generator.

Nanobubbles Improve Water Quality for Reduce Algae Blooms

Within the first 3 months, water quality and clarity improved significantly and kept improving over time. Weed growth began to diminish. 

  • The water temperature in the pond remained thermally stratified, with the deepest water levels staying cold and well-oxygenated.
  • Trout health improved. No gill lice parasites were observed this year.
  • In any given previous year, manual algal mat removal had to be done five to ten times. In 2022, Eirschele did one quick cleaning and is confident that he will do even less manual cleaning in years to come.
Gregory Eirschele: “The results from the nanobubbles were much faster than I would have expected. As a chemical engineer who specifies equipment as part of my job, I am also impressed with the quality of the design and build of the generator. I am happy with my local technical representative, with Moleaer as a company and with my results. The trout are healthier and the water quality is fantastic. I’m thrilled with all of it. The investment was worth every penny.”

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