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At a private golf club community in Vero Beach, Florida, just a block from the Atlantic Ocean, golfers enjoy numerous lakes and “water hazards” on the property. The lake at the eighteenth hole serves as a flyover to the fairway with tee boxes before the lake and an island tee surrounded by water. It was designed as a feature to be enjoyed by golfers while challenging their golf game. Though what was designed as an amenity, became a challenge to maintain with frequent algae blooms covering the surface. The algae led to poor water quality and clarity as well as foul odors, which was not ideal for golfers.

Moleaer’s channel partner and professional lake management company, Aquatic Balance, recommended that their client address the root cause of the algae with the installation of two of Moleaer’s nanobubble generators. The Clear™ 150 and a Kingfisher™ were installed in August 2022 as part of the course’s lake management plan.

Nanobubble technology oxygenates the water and oxidizes the organic material on the bottom of the lake, a source of nutrients for the algae. Depending on the amount of sediment at the bottom of the lake, it can typically take nanobubbles 4-6 months to digest and reduce the layer of muck. This results in clearer, healthier water bodies and reduces the occurrence of algae blooms.

Golf Club Nanobubble Before and AfterDuring the first five months of operation, the golf course weathered two hurricanes and a significant rain event. The algae continued to be challenging for the aquatic technician for four more months after, however, during this time, nanobubbles were doing their work.

By late December, the algae blooms were greatly reduced, and the lake cleared up. Golfers could even see the sandy bottom of the 18th-hole lake and no longer noticed the foul odors, as they were eliminated.

Rick Anderson, the owner of Aquatic Balance, had this to say about the power of nanobubbles: “Nanobubble technology is a sustainable and chemical-free tool for lake managers to utilize to restore lake health for our clients. By getting at the root cause of common lake issues, we can naturally improve water quality, allowing our clients to enjoy their lakes and ponds once again.”

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