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The Sands is a housing community in Fort Pierce, Florida that surrounds a 15-acre coastal lake with the Indian River on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. The community pool and tennis courts look out over the lake as well as numerous homes throughout The Sands. Residents enjoy an abundance of aquatic life in the lake, including Tarpon, Snook and crab.

Sands HOA Lake Clear from Nanobubble Treatment

Though this would be ideal for any Florida homeowner, the lake at The Sands had a history of fish kills and aquatic midge fly outbreaks. The water quality was very poor and discharged into the Indian River.  

A Moleaer’s Clear™ nanobubble generator was installed as part of the lake management plan to improve water quality and fight the issues at the source. Nanobubble technology delivers efficient oxygenation and chemical-free, mild oxidation to sustainably decrease organic sediment and improve muck digestion, improving water quality and reducing the habitat for midge flies. Better water quality also supports healthy aquatic life, helps prevent oxygen-related fish kills and reduces habitat the leads to harmful algae overgrowth.  

Fort Pierce Sands HOA Clear Installation

Since the installation of the Moleaer nanobubble generator and beneficial bacteria augmentation, the lake has not experienced a fish kill and the aquatic midge fly outbreaks are minimal. Also, water clarity and quality greatly improved. These benefits were also important to surrounding ecosystems where water was discharged.

“The residents at The Sands chose a sustainable solution to address the root cause of their water quality issues,” stated Todd Olson, Moleaer’s Florida Business Development Manager. Nanobubble technology gave The Sands the health and water quality of the lake back for residents to enjoy and aquatic animals to thrive.

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