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Strawberry Greenhouse Background
WEBINAR: HOW NANOBUBBLES IMPROVE WATER QUALITY, PLANT HEALTH AND THE BOTTOM LINE Moleaer’s CEO, Nick Dyner, explains how improved plant health and yield starts with optimal water quality and how nanobubble enriched water produces results. See the latest case studies and data from research institutions and our customers, and learn how our nanobubble generators have helped hundreds of growers. Learn More
Root health root disease control
eBook: Why nanobubble oxygenation is key to optimal root zone health Learn how oxygen nanobubbles improve root zone conditions for better crop quality. Learn More
Greenhouse Vertical
VERTICAL FARMING IS THE FUTURE OF GREENHOUSE TECHNOLOGY Indoor agriculture is nothing new, and neither is vertical farming, though with recent advances in horticulture through research, we’ve enhanced how we control the indoor environment to produce higher yields in shorter time frames. Learn More