Moleaer’s plug-and-play XTB nanobubble generators are a highly efficient gas-to-liquid injection technology featuring over 85% transfer efficiency, providing maximum gas utilization and water quality improvement, and enhancement of treatment processes.

The XTB can utilize an array of pump options. It is designed to be connected to any pressurized gas, providing end users with the flexibility to easily integrate nanobubble technology into their existing processes, regardless of the compressed gas available or being utilized to treat, preserve or enrich the liquid solution.

The XTB comes with a standard centrifugal pump and manual gas flow control and is designed to utilize external pressurized gas sources across a variety of process applications.


Customers have deployed our XTB in the following applications:

  • Water & Wastewater Treatment
    • Biological Aeration/Supplemental Aeration
    • Odor Control
    • DAF
    • Reaeration and Recarbonation
  • Aquaculture / Fish Farming
  • Mining
    • Heap Leaching
    • Flotation
  • Oil & Gas
    • Metal and Sulfide Oxidation
    • Oil/Water Separation
  • Cooling Towers
    • Algae Control
    • Biofilm Control*

*Organic, bio-based nutrients may impact biofilm accumulation rates.

Features & Benefits

  • 200 nm-sized bubbles produced in excess of 1 billion nanobubbles / mL
  • Gas transfer at any depth of water
  • Up to 85% oxygen transfer efficiency
  • Plug and play installation
  • Variable gas feed rate with auto gas shut off if loss of prime feed
  • Pumped and pumpless options for integration flexibility and energy optimization
  • Corrosion resistant stainless-steel frame and components for outdoor installation

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