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Discover a Highly Efficient
High Flow Gas-To-Liquid Injection System

Moleaer’s Nexus nanobubble generators are modular, pumpless systems designed to work inline with existing liquid flows. The Nexus is highly efficient gas-to-liquid injection technology that converts bulk oxygen into nanobubbles and supersaturates water with high levels of dissolved oxygen.

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Nexus Install

Inline & Modular High-Flow Gas-to-Liquid Solutions

Leverage a highly efficient nanobubble injection technology with ~85% gas transfer efficiency and flexible integration options to optimize water quality. 

Designed for high flow inline nanobubble gas injection, the Nexus system easily integrates with existing pumping systems. Engineered with a low head, Nexus can inject any gas with maximum transfer efficiency and nanobubble production rates. Available in stainless steel or PVC, the systems can be walled mounted, installed vertical or horizontally and stored in or outdoors. Flow rates range from 200 GPM to 2500 GPM and are compatible with both fresh and salt water.

Nexus Generators

Moleaer’s Nexus inline nanobubble generators can be configured to enhance water treatment in a variety of installations

Nexus 200
Nexus 500
Nexus 1000

Nexus 200

With simple controls, low-maintenance design and durable operations, Nexus integrates into existing systems to deliver immediate benefits. The Nexus' low head allows for maximum transfer efficiency and nanobubble production. Installation can be done vertically or horizontally and units are are saltwater compatible.

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Nexus 200 Front
Nexus 200 Left View 45 Angle
Nexus 200 - Right View Elevated
Nexus 200 Right View 45 Angle
Nexus 200 Back View

Features & Benefits

Moleaer’s Nexus nanobubble generators produce flexible, inline gas-to-liquid solutions for various industry applications

We are thrilled with our results after installing the Moleaer Nanobubble generator. Not only did we experience a 25% reduction in growth cycle, but we were able to achieve a higher yield per square foot as well. Combined with the easy installation and quick payback period, I see this as the new standard for hydroponic facilities around the world.

Jeremy Marsh

Rocky Mountain Fresh

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