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Our mobile nanobubble generator solutions deliver flexibility and scalability for a wide variety of industrial processes.

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Mobile On-Demand Trailer System in action

Water Treatment
When You Need It

React quickly to seasonal demand and unexpected conditions with Moleaer’s on-demand mobile trailer systems.

  • ~100 nm-sized bubbles
  • Scalable from 150 GPM to 1000 GPM
  • pH and ORP maintenance and control systems
  • Modular structure for specialized applications
  • Gas-injection for O2, Air, CO2, N2, and more
  • DO sensors for system control and automation
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Mobile On-Demand Trailer Systems

Moleaer’s mobile systems provide all the benefits of our nanobubble generators, along with flexible treatment options and minimal installation and removal costs.

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Use Cases

Moleaer’s Mobile On-Demand Systems offer seasonal, modular, and emergency treatment solutions in commercial and industrial applications.

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