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Restore Lake & Pond Health with Chemical-Free Nanobubbles

Affordable Next-Generation Technology Designed for Lakes, Ponds and Reservoirs

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Kingfisher Nanobubble Generator

Moleaer’s patented Kingfisher™ nanobubble generator oxidizes algae and helps eliminate odor compounds while simultaneously oxygenating the sediment layer to digest muck and reduce the presence of nutrients that cause algae blooms.

Due to their small size, nanobubbles possess unique physical and chemical properties that create a mild oxidant that improve the removal of contaminants, digesting muck and reducing algae. Also, by delivering the most efficient gas transfer available, Moleaer’s technology raises the dissolved oxygen (DO) levels in the sediment improving water quality, promoting beneficial bacteria, and reducing the presence of anaerobic bacteria that causes foul odors.

  • Easy installation & maintenance
  • Simple controls
  • Quiet, 57 dB at 3 feet away
  • Standard 120 volt electrical outlet
  • Small footprint and lightweight design
  • Shore mounted
  • Optional micro-dose ozone*

*Option to bypass ozone generation. Check with local regulations for more information.


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Improve Lake Health & Resiliency

Low levels of dissolved oxygen (DO) in lakes and ponds leads to poor water quality contributing to the growth of algae and harmful anaerobic bacteria that produces foul odors. With highly efficient gas transfer efficiency, Moleaer’s nanobubble technology efficiently raises DO levels in lakes and ponds to target the source of these problems.

A Sustainable Tool for Lake Health Increasing DO levels increases the aerobic conditions in your lake, promoting beneficial bacteria that digest sediment muck, improve water clarity, and enhance the aquatic ecosystem to help foster clearer, healthier water bodies.
Enhance the Power of Nanobubbles with Ozone Micro-dose ozone injection enhances the chemical and physical properties of nanobubbles that improve water quality. Ozone (O3) is a naturally occurring oxidant commonly used in water treatment to remove bacteria, viruses, hydrogen sulfide, and turbidity. As a standard feature on the Kingfisher that can be bypassed if preferred, micro-dose ozone injection increases DO levels at the sediment layer to improve muck digestion and enhances the mild, oxidative effect of nanobubbles to reduce algae growth.
Chemical-Free Water Quality Lakes of all sizes can now benefit from chemical-free nanobubble technology with the Kingfisher nanobubble generator. Designed for water bodies less than 5 acre feet in size, the Kingfisher has the same patented nanobubble technology as our industrial-sized units.

Kingfisher Nanobubble Generator

We designed the Kingfisher with hard-to-treat water bodies in mind. The Kingfisher is right for you if you are managing golf course ponds and waterways, HOA and condo lakes and ponds or even residential lakefronts. The Kingfisher can even be used for small irrigation ponds and canals, producing a myriad of other benefits for growers.



The Kingfisher nanobubble generator uses patented nanobubble technology to deliver continuous benefits for healthier, more resilient lakes and ponds. With simple controls, robust design and outdoor rated materials, the Kingfisher is easy to install and maintain and holds up to the elements.

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KF Before and After

Benefits You Can See

The Kingfisher nanobubble generator is easily shore mounted on your lake or pond. By recirculating the water in your lake, the Kingfisher continuously injects nanobubbles to:

  • Help reduce algae growth
  • Promote beneficial bacteria
  • Increase dissolved oxygen at the sediment to reduce and digest muck
  • Improve water quality and clarity

Simple controls

The Kingfisher was designed with only two moving parts for simple operation and maintenance.

Robust Design

Made with commercial-grade materials and assembled in the USA, the Kingfisher will stand up to regular use in even extreme climates.

Corrosion-resistant materials

The Kingfisher has corrosion-resistant housing with weather-resistant internals. A set of keys are provided for tamper-proof operation.

Shore mounted

Easily install the Kingfisher on the shore in a level location near a standard household electrical power source and begin operation immediately after piping is installed.

Micro-dose ozone injection

The Kingfisher comes standard with micro-dose ozone generation, which can be disabled at any time. Ozone enhances the benefits of nanobubbles to make lakes and ponds more resilient.

Kingfisher Hotel Lagoon

Maintenance is Simple

With only three moving parts, the Kingfisher nanobubble generator requires little maintenance once installed. The robust design and corrosion-resistant materials ensures the Kingfisher will hold up to the weather and constant use in your lake.

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Micro-Dose Ozone

Each Kingfisher nanobubble generator is equipped with an integrated micro-dose ozone supply. This small amount of ozone is dissolved into the water body with the nanobubbles to improve water quality by producing a mild-oxidative environment. Along with nanobubbles, which produce a mild-oxidative state when they collapse, the ozone gas further enhances water quality.

“Without Moleaer's nanobubble generator, we're not sure what we would've been able to do to remediate our lagoon. The nanobubble generator has been a critical components to restoring the lagoon and aquatic health.”

Sean Barron

Peacock Gap

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Case Studies

Moleaer’s Kingfisher nanobubble generators are custom-tailored for water bodies under 5-acre feet in size, so all size lakes and ponds can benefit from the power of nanobubble technology.

Trusted by Over 1500 Users Worldwide

Moleaer's nanobubble technology is independently validated by experienced engineering and innovation teams at world-renowned universities.

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