Unlocking the Full Potential of Oxygen for Agriculture

The Bloom is tailor-made for commercial greenhouses. The Bloom efficiently saturates irrigation water with oxygen enriched nanobubbles, helping unlock the full genetic potential of the plants. Available in 25, 50 & 150 gpm (6, 12 & 36 m3/hr) flow rates.  The Bloom is also available with dissolved oxygen (DO) monitoring capability.

Bloom thumb
Bloom thumb
Bloom thumb
Bloom thumb
Bloom thumb
  • 90% standard oxygen transfer efficiency
  • Supersaturated irrigation water
  • Improved water quality
  • 100 nm-sized bubbles produced in excess of one billion nanobubbles / ml
  • Oxygenation of any tank and any depth of water
  • Increased nutrient uptake efficiency
  • Promotion of beneficial bacteria, suppression of pathogens
  • Easy integration with fertigation and climate control systems
  • Auto gas shut-off if loss of prime feed
  • Low-feed gas pressure sensor
  • Optional: DO monitoring