Scalable Nanobubble Technology

Moleaer's family of nanobubble generators are efficient, durable, scalable, and easy to install in a wide variety of applications. By leveraging the unique properties of nanobubbles, Moleaer's technology improves productivity and performance for applications ranging from horticulture to oil-water separation.


The Optimus is Moleaer's 200-to-1000 gpm industrial gas-injection system for wastewater, mining, and oil & gas markets, delivering nanobubble precision in rugged operating environments.

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The Bloom is tailor-made for Commercial Greenhouses. The Bloom efficiently saturates irrigation water with oxygen enriched nanobubbles, helping unlock the full genetic potential of the plants. Available in 25, 50 & 150 gpm (6, 12 & 36 m3/hr) flow rates.  The Bloom is also available with dissolved oxygen (DO) monitoring capability.

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The Clear nanobubble generator is a highly efficient gas-injection technology that converts air into nanobubbles and saturates ponds & lakes with elevated levels of dissolved oxygen to control algae. The Clear comes in 50 and 150 gpm flow rates.

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The Boost is the most cost effective nanobubble generation technology on the market today, for smaller-scale commercial and industrial facilities. The Boost is light weight, mobile, and simple to install into existing low flow applications making an ideal solution to rapidly improve existing industrial processes and wastewater treatment applications.

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