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January 11, 2021

Moleaer’s Nanobubbles Proven Solution to E. coli & Listeria

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| March 31, 2021

14% Higher Yield in Strawberry Cultivation with Moleaer Nanobubbles

In the Spring of 2020, trials were conducted by Delphy Research Institute in the Netherlands, on behalf of Moleaer to examine the effects that oxygen nanobubble enrichment of...

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| July 5, 2023

The Water Values Podcast | Moleaer CEO Nick Dyner Transcript

Dave McGimpsey interviewed Nick Dyner, Moleaer's CEO, on the Water Values Podcast published by Bluefield Research. They dive into nanobubble technology, specifically, what it...

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| March 22, 2023

How nanobubbles improve greenhouse strawberry production

Strawberries have high oxygen-demanding roots and are susceptible to a variety of root pathogens; therefore, they require high-quality irrigation water to thrive. Oxygen...

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