November 2, 2020

Moleaer Treating East Bay Regional District’s Lake Temescal

Nanobubble technology pilot to improve the health of LakeTemescal

Monday, November 2nd (Carson // Oakland, CA) — Moleaer, the leading nanobubble technology company, has partnered with the East Bay Regional Park District to pilot this new technology at Lake Temescal. Utilizing Moleaer’s recently-launched mobile nanobubble generator service, the Park District is adding oxygen to the lake to improve water quality and restore aquatic health. Most importantly, this technology is designed to use oxygen to reduce excess nutrients; making it harder for cyanobacteria, commonly known as blue-green algae, to thrive. The reduction of harmful algal blooms will provide safer public access to  Lake Temescal for fishing and recreation. 

Moleaer’s nanobubble generators are designed for flexibility, providing the East Bay Regional Park District with a trailer-mounted, secure treatment system with minimal installation and removal costs. Moleaer’s technology injects trillions of oxygen-rich nanobubbles into water. These nanobubbles, 2500 times smaller than a grain of salt, provide multiple treatment benefits including highly efficient, low-cost oxygenation, and water quality improvements through chemical-free nanobubble oxidation.

Since installation in August 2020, the dissolved oxygen levels have significantly improved. Specifically, oxygen has gone from 0 mg/l to 4 mg/L at the deepest points in the lake, where elevating oxygen is the most challenging, improving the lake’s natural ability to oxidize organic material and sequester nutrients. These water quality improvements are key milestones in preventing. harmful algal blooms that result in lake closures. E limnology, using equipment provided by In-Situ, a water monitoring equipment company and partner in the project, will monitor the lake during this four-month pilot period to measure the progress in decreasing algal blooms and evaluate the success of this nanobubble pilot.

Matt Graul, Chief of Stewardship for the East Bay Regional District, said: “Periods of drought and increased warm weather have created an environment for a surge of blue-green algae growth in Lake Temescal. The Park District recently installed Moleaer’s mobile nanobubble solution as part of an effort to address low oxygen and algal buildup. To date, the results have been very promising. We’re grateful to partner with Moleaer and take advantage of their unique technology which offers a potential solution to maintain water quality and provide our community with a clean, healthy, enjoyable recreational lake."

Nick Dyner, CEO, Moleaer, said: “It’s estimated that more than 90 million illnesses annually are a result of Americans visiting recreational water bodies. Our technology has been proven to disrupt and eliminate harmful bacteria and algae blooms, enabling communities to treat and restore the aquatic health and ecosystems of their lakes and reservoirs without chemicals. We’ve demonstrated our success with cleaning water bodies, ponds and lakes, from Florida to California and around the world, and we’re excited about the results we are demonstrating and the value we are creating for East Bay Parks. We’re confident that our installation can provide the community with a cost-effective and sustainable solution to improve and restore Lake Temescal.” 

Jeremy Shepherd, Regional Sales Manager, In-Situ, said: “We’re proud to partner with Moleaer and the East Bay Regional District to provide equipment for on-demand, real-time water quality analysis. Our technology looks at a number of parameters including turbidity and dissolved oxygen levels and when paired with Moleaer’s nanobubble technology, enables customers to adjust nanobubble treatment based on the sensor readings.”

Eli Kersh, Principal of e limnology, an aquatic resource consulting firm, said: “I’ve had the opportunity to work with Moleaer’s nanobubble generators on a few projects throughout California. The technology has real potential to improve water quality in surface waters and in today’s ever-changing climate, finding an effective and sustainable solution such as this is a major breakthrough.”

Moleaer’s nanobubble service is available as a temporary or permanent installation to tackle aquatic challenges, including algae blooms and bacteria growth. For more information, including features, please visit


*Research by Professor Michael Stenstrom, UCLA, has shown (2017).

About Moleaer
MoleaerTM is an American-based nanobubble technology company with a mission to unlock the full potential of nanobubbles to enhance and protect water, food, and natural resources. Moleaer established the nanobubble industry in the U.S. by developing the first nanobubble generator that can perform cost-effectively at municipal and industrial scale. Through partnerships with universities, Moleaer has proven that nanobubbles can solve complex industrial challenges in agriculture, horticulture, wastewater, aquatic management, and resource recovery. Moleaer has deployed nanobubble generators at more than 500 customer sites worldwide since 2016. To learn more, visit:

About nanobubbles
Nanobubbles are invisible to the naked eye, 2500 times smaller than a single grain of table salt. Nanobubbles remain suspended in water for long periods of time, acting like a battery that delivers oxygen continuously to the entire body of water. As oxygen is consumed, the nanobubbles diffuse more oxygen into solution, sustaining the level of dissolved oxygen. Moleaer provides the highest proven oxygen transfer rate in the aeration and gas infusion industry, with an efficiency of over 85 percent per foot of water (Michael Stenstrom, UCLA, 2017).

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