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Nanobubbles provide a chemical-free method for treating water, backed by leading researchers in the field of water treatment.

Improve your water quality and clarity while eliminating contaminants. Nanobubbles increase dissolved oxygen levels through hyper-efficient gas injection and unique properties that enable them to remove contaminants like algae, algae toxins, pathogens, and other organic materials. Moleaer’s durable nanobubble generators can be easily installed in all types of waterbodies, including marinas, lakes, reservoirs, basins, and tanks.

Remove harmful or undesirable contaminants from your water with chemical-free nanobubble technology. Moleaer’s nanobubbles produce hydroxyl radicals, powerful oxidizing agents that break down organic contaminants like bacteria, algae, and taste and odor compounds. View Oxidation Study
Nanobubble treatment increases oxidation potential and dissolved oxygen levels to eliminate taste and odor compounds that are produced by algae, bacteria, anaerobic conditions, and decaying organic matter.
Achieve higher efficiency and better water treatment outcomes than with competitors. Moleaer nanobubble generators achieve oxygen transfer rates over 85%, enable remote equipment and water quality monitoring, improve filterability, and reduce energy and service costs.
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How Nanobubbles Improve Water Quality

Moleaer nanobubble generators use an external or on-board compressed gas supply to inject nanobubbles into water. Nanobubbles are neutrally buoyant, negatively charged, and primed for oxidative reactions, enabling them to distribute oxygen throughout the water column while removing water contaminants and pathogens. Moleaer nanobubble generators deliver over 85% oxygen transfer efficiency - the highest of any available technology. The result: clear, clean, water with less algae and contaminants, all delivered without chemicals by solution that easily integrates into existing systems.

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See the Benefits Nanobubbles Deliver

Moleaer nanobubble generators are used around the world, actively treating water in over 700 installations in reservoirs, lakes, ponds, and more. They are also backed by ongoing, extensive third-party research by universities like Arizona State University, University of California Los Angeles, Virginia Tech University, and Wageningen University. Nanobubbles positively impact water bodies and processes across industries with demonstrated results, like a consistent 5-6 ppm increase in dissolved oxygen across a 10-acre lake.

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Generating Proven Results in Water Treatment

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