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Kingfisher Datasheet

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Benefits of the Kingfisher Nanobubble Generator in Lakes & Ponds

Moleaer's patented nanobubble technology helps restore lakes and ponds by targeting the root cause of common problems.

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Aquatechnex (855) 245- 5253 | Locations in California, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington Visit Website
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Lake Restore (800) 450-6295 | 1523 94th Lane NE, Suite D, Blaine, MN 55449 | info@lakerestore.org Visit Website
Wai Kai (808) 640-6353 | Hawaii | waikai@me.com

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What is Muck and How to remove it Sustainably for Lakes and Ponds?

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Why Dissolved Oxygen at the Sediment Layer is Key to Healthy Lakes

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