Moleaer™ (Latin for tiny air) develops industrial scale nanobubble generators to enhance a wide range of processes, enabling farmers to grow more food, oil and mining companies to recover more valuable resources, and industries to treat water using less energy and chemicals. We strive to help customers increase productivity more responsibly as part of the WEF nexus, the global interconnection of Water, Energy, and Food. As the world population approaches 8 billion, increasing demands for basic services and growing desires for higher living standards will pressure each of these vital areas.

Moleaer's plug-and-play nanobubble generator makes each area of the WEF nexus more efficient. Our nanobubble generators produce trillions of nanobubbles, <200nm in size, providing more than 200-times the interfacial surface area of conventional ultra-fine micro bubbles. By leveraging the unique properties of nanobubbles, Moleaer's systems transfer gas with greater than 85% efficiency, making it the most efficient gas injection technology available to dissolve virtually any gas into any liquid.

Our focus within the WEF nexus is on water and its impact on the other sectors. Water is used for irrigating, growing, extracting, leaching, floating, treating and refining. Improved productivity in treating water, recovering valuable resources, and increasing food production on a global level is a great undertaking, but critical to the health of the global population and planet. The best approach to a more efficient and sustainable world is through a nexus view.

A nexus perspective increases the understanding of the interdependencies across the water, energy, and food sectors and influences policies in other areas of concern such as climate and biodiversity and helps to move beyond decision making that precludes integrated and globally focused solutions. A nexus approach can support the transition to a green economy, which aims, among other things, at resource use efficiency and greater focus on the global impact of these sectors.

Moleaer is proud to be an integral part of the WEF nexus and is committed to improving the efficiency and impact of the water, energy, and food sectors around the world.

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