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wastewater webinar


Moleaer’s Peter Bugg and Federico Pasini explain how the unique chemical and physical properties of nanobubbles provide value for water treatment. Nanobubbles can be applied to common water and wastewater treatment processes to increase dissolved oxygen, improve activated sludge process reliability, increase treatment capacity of existing infrastructure, reduce energy consumption and more.

Nanobubbles effectively eliminate some of the most challenging wastewater treatment issues via nanobubble oxidation, hyper-efficient gas transfer, surfactant removal, and the deep delivery of oxygen to the biological floc or film. It is this combination that enables Moleaer nanobubble generators to increase dissolved oxygen levels, eliminating the anaerobic conditions that cause process upsets, degrade process performance, and generate odor and corrosion compounds like hydrogen sulfide (H2S).

Wastewater webinar presentors

Watch this webinar to learn how nanobubbles improve water quality through:

  • Unique behavior of nanobubbles
  • Highly efficient gas transfer technology
  • Chemical-free oxidation
  • Custom-tailored solutions based on your industry, size, and more
  • Reliable, high-quality produces and responsive support services
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