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Rebel Farms reduces growth cycle from 10 weeks to 8 weeks with Moleaer nanobubbles

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Prior to installing the Moleaer nanobubble generator, Rebel Farms was struggling to deliver enough oxygen to their plants and was looking for a way to effectively increase the DO in their system. To remedy this, Rebel Farms installed a 25 gallon-per-minute Moleaer nanobubble generator to serve 200 channels, each 16 feet long with 47 plant sites, totaling roughly 9,400 plants per cycle.

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After installing the Moleaer nanobubble generator, Rebel Farms saw the DO rise to 18 parts per million. With the sustained increase in DO, plant volume increased 22%, and the growth cycle reduced from 10 weeks to 8 weeks, significantly increasing total revenue. The owners also noticed that the plants looked healthier and had much larger root systems.


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