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Nanobubbles reduce pathogens and improve root development in strawberries

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"Before, cleaning the filters needed to be completed every four weeks, however, after installing the nanobubble generator that frequency has gone down quite a bit. Washing the sand filter of the fertilizer unit now needs to be done a lot less often as well. The day tank with irrigation water remained clear, almost without any trace of organic contamination. Upon visual inspection during cultivation, the part of the trays treated with Moleaer nanobubbles had a lot more young, thin roots at the bottom of the substrate," states Michiel Penninx, strawberry nursery grower.

Michiel Penninx at his strawberry nursery greenhouse inspecting strawberry plants

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After deploying nanobubble technology, Penninx saw a significant reduction in Pythium and Phytophthora, common root diseases that cause devastating effects on crops. They also achieved better fruit quality and higher yields, along with the ability to reduce inputs. Learn more about their story by downloading the case study. 


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