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Nanobubbles Improve Root Health Leading to Better Quality Peppers

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To measure the effect nanobubbles would have on bell peppers, a 20 week trial was conducted at NovaCropControl, a Dutch research and test center. Results showed that the use of Moleaer nanobubble technology led to improved root health and growth, which is essential for a more vigorous crop that is also more resistant to stress.

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“For the second consecutive year, we see the benefits of using Moleaer nanobubbles to grow crops. We used relatively ‘clean’ water during the trial and the measurements indicate the vitality and yield of the crop improved significantly with the use of nanobubbles. We believe growers will have different results depending on the water quality used for irrigation,” added Koen van Kempen, of NovaCropControl.


Improvement in Root Health & Growth


Increase in Fruit Caliber

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