Large-Scale Nanobubble Solutions for Industrial Applications

The Optimus is Moleaer's 200-to-1000 GPM industrial scale gas-injection system built for operation in rugged operating environments including wastewater, horticulture, algae control/lake management, mining and oil & gas markets.

Versatile Applications

The Optimus nanobubble generator is a highly efficient gas-to-liquid injection technology featuring over 85% transfer efficiency, providing maximum gas utilization and water quality improvement, and enhancement of treatment processes.

The Optimus is available in a variety of configurations and is designed for rugged industrial applications including:

Water & Wastewater Treatment

  • Biological Aeration/Supplemental Aeration
  • Odor Control
  • DAF
  • Algae Management
  • Reaeration and Recarbonation


  • Drip Irrigation
  • Water Tank Oxygenation
  • Reservoir Oxygenation
  • Algae Control
  • Reduce chemical use or improve chemical performance
  • Biofilm Control*

Lake and Pond Management

  • Algae Control
  • Fisheries and Aquatic Health
  • Hypolimnetic Aeration

Aquaculture / Fish Farming


  • Heap Leaching

Oil & Gas

  • Pit Aeration
  • Metal and Sulfide Oxidation
  • Oil/Water Separation

Cooling Towers

  • Algae Control
  • Biofilm Control*

* Organic, bio-based nutrients may impact biofilm accumulation rates.

Features & Benefits

  • < 200 nm-sized bubbles produced in excess of 1 billion nanobubbles / mL
  • Gas transfer at any depth of water
  • Up to 85% oxygen transfer efficiency
  • Plug and play installation
  • Variable gas feed rate with Auto gas shut off if loss of prime feed
  • PLC Controller for programmable and remote access operation
  • Low feed gas pressure sensor and alarm
  • Optional Integrated real-time DO monitoring
  • Corrosion resistant stainless-steel frame and components for outdoor installation

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