Maximize Gas Utilization in Industrial Environments

Moleaer’s Optimus nanobubble generators deliver oxygen to treat and optimize large-scale bodies of water efficiently.

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Large-Scale Solutions Powered by Nanobubbles

Optimus leverages nanobubble-powered gas-injection technology to optimize water treatment and quality in rugged, industrial operations.

  • ~100 nm-sized bubbles
  • Gas transfer at any depth of water
  • >85% Standard Oxygen Transfer Efficiency (SOTE)
  • Automatic gas shut-off if the prime feed is lost
  • DO sensors for system control and automation

Optimus Generators

Moleaer’s Optimus nanobubble generators come in two configurations with features based on industry and water management needs.

Optimus SP


Built for flooded suction applications, Optimus Standard includes a standard centrifugal pump, PLC, compressor, and optional DO controls.

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Product render of the front of the Optimus Standard model
Product render of the Optimus Standard model with a steel case
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Optimus SP

The Optimus SP features a self-priming centrifugal pump specially designed for suction lift applications in ponds, lagoons, or lakes.

Optimus SP Front
Optimus SP Back
Optimus SP Left Side
Optimus SP Front 45degree angle


Case Studies

Moleaer’s Optimus nanobubble generators enhance treatment processes and improve water quality in large-scale industry applications.

After trying numerous other treatment methods, we are thrilled with the results we are seeing. The nanobubble treatment is also all-natural and has eliminated our need for chemical treatment, which translates to a better experience for our guests. The Moleaer Optimus gives us the right approach to remove and prevent algae.

José Daniel Gonzalez

Chief Maintenance Engineer

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