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Watch the webinar to learn:

  • Why you need to be aware of surfactants
  • How surfactants inhibit wastewater treatment performance
  • How nanobubbles are a chemical-free way to remove surfactants and improve treatment efficiency and capacity
  • Case study data from recent Moleaer installations

Process upsets, poor treatment efficiency, and reduced treatment capacity are often caused by toxic and inhibitory substances like surfactants. These issues have become more prevalent in recent years due to increasing surfactant concentrations in wastewater. Several recent trends like the pandemic and water conservation have resulted in elevated surfactant concentrations in wastewater making surfactant removal more important than ever.

This situation has put immense strain on the performance and operations of wastewater resource recovery facilities (WRRFs). Andrea White, Moleaer's Global Director of Water Process Engineering, explains how treatment facilities are using nanobubbles to remove surfactants without the use of chemicals in this 45-minute webinar. 

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