Webinar: How Nanobubbles Improve Water Quality

Moleaer’s Eli Kersh and Christian Ference explain how the unique chemical and physical properties of nanobubbles provide value for lakes and ponds to reduce algae and algae toxins, increase water clarity, reduce odors and off-taste, improve sediment layer, and improve fish and aquatic ecosystem health. Moleaer can put you on the roadmap to harnessing the power of oxygen and nanobubbles to tip the balance of nature back in your favor.

Download this webinar to learn how nanobubbles improve water quality through:

  • Unique behavior of nanobubbles
  • Highly efficient gas transfer technology
  • Chemical-free oxidation
  • Custom-tailored solutions based on your industry, size, and more
  • Reliable, high-quality produces and responsive support services

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