Application Engineer

Moleaer (Latin for tiny air) is the leading manufacturer of industrial scale nanobubble systems. Compared to larger bubbles, nanobubbles injected in water possess several unique characteristics including neutral buoyancy and a strong negative surface charge.  As such, they are attracted to cationic compounds, do not rise to the surface and burst, and can remain stable in saturated solutions for months. These unique properties provide several benefits to customers including extremely efficient gas transfer and the ability to supersaturate liquids with dissolved gas.

The company's mission is to provide highly efficient gas transfer, physical separation, and oxidation solutions to enhance our customer’s production and treatment processes. Moleaer’s nanobubble generators can improve process efficiency, enhance water quality and reduce operational expenses across a wide range of applications including greenhouse crop production, water and wastewater treatment, resource recovery, and algae mitigation.

We are looking for a smart, curious, and driven engineer to join our Application Engineering Team as we continue to grow our understanding of the differentiated value that nanobubbles provide across a variety of applications. To apply, please email resume to Andrea White (

Essential Functions

  • Determine technical benefits and define technical value proposition of Moleaer’s equipment and nanobubbles within targeted applications by:
    • Designing and conducting experiments and pilots.
    • Reviewing and interpreting technical data.
    • Assisting with equipment sizing and performance testing.
  • Design and conduct field pilots and lab experiments to enhance the Moleaer’s understanding of the nanobubble value proposition for specific applications and customers.
  • Conduct oxygen transfer efficiency and nanobubble testing of Moleaer’s product line.
  • Support the application engineering team in identifying new applications and market opportunities
  • Prepare sales training materials and tools that cover the benefit and application of nanobubbles in a variety of applications.
  • Travel up to 20% of the time.

Education / Training / Experience


  • Master of Science degree in chemical engineering or related engineering field.
  • Direct experience in conducting scientific research and performing laboratory analyses.
  • Superior technical writing and communication skills (English).
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Excel.


  • 2+ years’ work experience with a focus in biological or chemical oxidation, aeration, or gas-to-liquid mass transfer.
  • Self-starter with experience working in small teams.
  • Creative problem solver.
  • Strong understanding of bubble science with nanobubble research experience a plus.
  • Direct experience in any of the following areas: horticulture systems, aquaculture systems, aquatic environments, upstream oil and gas water treatment, drinking water treatment and/or wastewater treatment.
  • Applied experience in implementing and following safe laboratory practices.
  • Applied experience with analytical chemistry techniques and common biological and chemical laboratory methods.
  • Work experience involving travel, communication between multi-discipline company departments, and direct customer communications.
  • Proficient in R or other statistical computing software.

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Accepted formats: PDF, Word Doc